The Benefits of Using Climate-Controlled Storage

There are times when basic storage units don’t meet your needs. Whether you are looking for warehousing and storage options for residential or commercial purposes, climate-controlled storage is the best option. Read below to learn about the benefits of using climate-controlled storage units!

Improved Security

Improved Security

Climate-controlled storage units offer additional security features. For example, these units are often indoors and feature individual unit alarms, gated access, and security cameras. So, whether you store personal or business items, you can rest assured knowing they are safe and secure.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Regardless of whether you are storing items in climates that get extremely hot or extremely cold, climate-controlled storage protects your belongings. Climate control refers to continuously monitoring temperature and humidity levels to preserve a safe environment for your stored goods. So, if you live in an area that experiences drastic temperature changes, you will benefit significantly from a climate-controlled storage unit.

The units are kept at a consistent temperature year-round to prevent damage to your belongings, including warping, splitting, or cracking from climate change. This protection limits damage to your valuable and delicate items, such as electronics, instruments, wood, antiques, and furniture. Additionally, these facilities often have backup generators to keep the units operational. This reliable power source will ensure that your belongings are still protected even in unforeseen circumstances.

Storage Life Extension

Storage Life Extension

Because your items are protected against damage, climate-controlled storage can extend the life of your items. As a result of environmental factors such as humidity and temperature being lessened, your items can be stored for longer. Furthermore, this will reduce waste and expenses because your items will last longer. When stored in a controlled climate, your tables, chairs, and couches will have a longer life span. They will be less likely to be damaged beyond repair or warp, crack, rot, or develop that funny basement smell. So you won’t have to throw your belongings out or replace them. No one enjoys having to part with items with sentimental value. So, climate-controlled storage will preserve your belongings and ensure you can keep them in your life longer.

Prevent Mold, Mildew, Dust, and Pests

Humidity can pose a significant problem to your stored belongings. Mold and mildew result from high moisture and inconsistent temperature fluctuations. Not only do these damage your items, but mold and mildew pose a health risk to you and your family. Additionally, climate-controlled buildings feature insulated roofs, walls, floors, and tightly sealed doors. This protects against dust, dirt, pollen, and pests from entering your unit. This extra protection can go a long way in preserving and protecting your belongings. For example, your items will stay spotless and save you clean-up time in the future.

Additionally, traditional storage units are prone to mice and bugs. So, climate-controlled units help prevent these little pests from invading your possessions. This will save your items from the dump and save you cleaning time down the road. Plus, these units have excellent air quality that keeps the area clean and fresh. This is ideal if you store art, paintings, books, and paper records that need stable humidity and temperature.

Peace Of Mind

Climate-controlled storage units often cost more than traditional storage options. However, it comes with extra peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected from environmental factors and extreme conditions. Being aware that your items in storage are safe, secure, and protected in a climate-controlled environment is another benefit to utilizing these storage options.

Consider all the benefits of climate-controlled storage listed above to determine if this is the right option for you! Contact us for all of your warehousing, fulfillment, and storage needs!

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