Business Moves Made Easy: Your Address Change Checklist

Moving your business can be full of challenges and checklists. So, read below for tips to make a smooth address change.

Notify Your Clients and Customers

Start by telling your clients and customers about your new address. This should be done at least a month prior to moving or as soon as you know the address of your new location. Additionally, it is best to use various communication channels to ensure your customers see and remember your update. For example, you can email, send letters, make social media updates, and post flyers in your existing office. Furthermore, let your clients and customers know if there are any changes to your operating hours!

Update Communication Channels

Next, ensure that your answering machines, marketing materials, and email signatures are all up-to-date with your new business address and phone numbers. This ensures that customers who call and receive emails and marketing materials will have your new address easily accessible. Additionally, ensure that all of your employees make the necessary updates to their contact details and email signatures. Taking this step will help maintain effective communication with clients and stakeholders.

Update The Proper Organizations

When changing your address, it is important to notify the right organizations! This will ensure you receive mail and packages to the correct location. Additionally, it is important for organizations to have current information about your business in their records. Federal, state, and local agencies you should notify include:

  • Postal Service
  • IRS
  • Office Of the Secretary Of State
  • Financial Accounts and Banks
  • Directory Listings
  • Utility Companies
  • Insurance Providers

Additionally, you should update your social accounts and websites to show your new address. This will help keep new and old clients in the loop so they can easily do business with you.

Follow the checklist above when completing the address change for your business!

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