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The circumstances of your move will determine the best time to book your moving company. However, booking as early as possible is a good rule of thumb. Read below to learn about the circumstances determining how far in advance you should book a moving company.

Time Of Move

Time Of MovePeak moving times include late spring, summer, the first days of the month, the last days of the month, and weekends. If you are set to move during these times, booking your movers at least two months before your moving date is best. This will lessen your chances of paying a higher price for lesser-quality movers.  If you are moving at a less busy time, four weeks in advance should give you and your movers plenty of time.

Distance Of Move

The further you are moving, the earlier you should book your movers. For example, if you are moving across the country, you should book a company 8-12 weeks in advance. This will allow the coordination of details and consolidation of shipments. But, if you are moving within the same state, four weeks in advance will give enough time for your movers to plan. If you are moving across town, two weeks’ notice should allow your movers to fit the short move into their schedule quickly. However, an international move requires 3 to 4 months notice. Moving abroad requires advanced planning and organization to ensure a smooth move.

Size Of Move

Size Of MoveThe larger your move, the earlier you should book your moving company. For example, moving a 1-bedroom apartment will be faster to transfer to your new location than a 4-bedroom house. If you would like, booking further in advance will help make sure you have enough movers and time to move your belongings efficiently.

Also, if you’d like to move items needing special care or moving equipment, please book as early as possible. This will give you and your movers enough time to ensure the equipment is available and everything goes smoothly.

Benefits Of Booking Early

The earlier you sort out all of the details of your move, the less stress you will have the day of. So, booking early will get you better prices, better schedule selection, and a more comprehensive choice of moving companies. If you have a lot of flexibility in the details of your move, it isn’t necessary to book further in advance.

Other Tips

Other TipsBefore you book a moving company, you should contact companies 8-12 weeks before your move to check their availability, price, required equipment, and if they meet your needs. You should compare your offers and research the companies before booking your moving date.

Furthermore, many moving companies require a moving deposit. Know if your deposit is refundable or not before you book your movers. So, if you need to cancel or change the moving date, you will keep your deposit money. Additionally, deposits should be at most 20% of the final moving cost. Moreover, they should never require a cash deposit. Instead, a check or credit card should be accepted.

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