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A home isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling. So, how can you make your new house feel like a home? Read below for five simple tips! 

1. Keep It Tidy

Keep It Tidy

Although clutter on the counters and floors may make your space look lived in, it doesn’t make your home feel comfortable. So, to achieve a tidy space, utilize baskets, bins, draw dividers, and storage furniture. Find a home for everything! If you can’t find a home for it, you might not need it. With that said, consider decluttering your space. If items aren’t serving a purpose and just taking up space, you should eliminate them. This tip goes for items as well as furniture and decor. Visual space on your floors and countertops creates a finished look and a calmer feeling in your home. 

Tidiness and functionality go hand in hand. Consider your home’s flow when considering layout, furniture placement, and storage needs. This flow includes every aspect of your home, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The placement of everything should make your space feel and function like a home.

2. Utilize Wall Space

Utilize Wall Space

Nothing says “new house” like bare, blank walls. Not only does utilizing your wall space add interest, but it also improves the functionality of your home. It is a great way to save floor and counter space while helping your home appear tidy. You can use your wall space to display personal items, hang photos, or serve as storage. Either way, this tip is a fantastic way to make your house feel like a home. 

3. Add Rugs

Add Rugs

Rugs are an investment but are so worth it. They add warmth, depth, and visual interest to your space. Plus, they make your house feel more lived-in and relaxed. So, consider adding large rugs to your living room, family room, bedrooms, and runners in your hallway and kitchen. You can select rugs with homey textures and colors to make the space yours. Rugs help to tie together your home’s aesthetic, ambiance, and style. 

4. Showcase Your Memories

Showcase Your Memories

Make your house feel like a home by showcasing your memories with photos, your kid’s artwork, and sentimental objects. The space will begin to feel like yours when you start to introduce nostalgic and familiar elements. These features can include family photos, knick-knacks with a story, books, magazines, or scented candles to make you feel at home. You can showcase these memories on your walls, on your tables, or on your bookshelves. All these elements add your personality to the space too! 

5. Add Natural Elements

Add Natural Elements

Adding flowers, plants, wood elements, shells, stones, or rocks to your space will make it feel grounded and calm. Natural elements create a sense of relaxation, making any house feel like a home. You can achieve this with decor, tables, cabinets, headboards, and opening the curtains to let the sun into your space. So, whether you’re going for a wooded or beachy feel, you can’t go wrong with adding a sense of nature to your home. 

Utilize the tips above to help turn your new house into a home! And if you haven’t moved to your new home yet, contact Mesa Moving and Storage to make your move easier and hassle-free!