Handling Sensitive Data During an Office Move: Security Tips

Moving an office is both exciting and stressful. Minimize stress by taking the proper steps and precautions when handling sensitive data during your move. Read below for security tips!

Make An Inventory List

Make An Inventory ListCreating an inventory list is the best way to ensure that everything gets relocated safely to your new destination. This list should comprehensively cover all the materials and files that must be resettled to your new location. While completing this process, shred any unneeded or outdated records before your move. This will keep them out of the wrong hands and decrease the quantity that needs to be transported.

Back-Up Data

Back-Up DataBefore your move, ensure that you back up all physical and digital data. You can back up digital data with cloud storage, USB drives, and external hard drives. It is essential to use multiple methods to back up your data to have a more layered and secure approach. Additionally, ensure that your backed-up data is the most recent and up-to-date. You should also test your backup data by attempting to recover data from it. This will ensure the accessibility of information and the integrity of the data.

Furthermore, you should store your systems and backups in separate moving boxes as an extra security measure. This will create protection in the case that an accident occurs with one set of data. Then, the secondary source is safe and untouched.

Label Everything

Label EverythingWhen packing, label all storage containers, bins, and boxes that contain records, equipment, and other office supplies. You have the option to label the boxes explicitly, or you can use a color coding system to expedite the packing process. Additionally, a color coding system helps to keep the contents of critical data or equipment from drawing attention. With that being said, pack strategically and cautiously. You may consider wrapping sensitive documents in plastic before packing them in a secure box to help protect them. A labeling system will help keep things organized and help make settling into your new location more seamless!

Chain Of Custody

Chain Of CustodyCreating and maintaining a chain of custody log will identify who has access to your documents at each stage of the moving process. Additionally, each device and box should be signed off when handed over and received to create a trail that can be documented for additional security measures.

Insurance and Secure Transport

Secure TransportLastly, take insurance out on your data and the devices that they are stored on. This will provide some security in case something goes wrong during your move. It’s also recommended to always have someone from your office available to oversee the move throughout the entire process. Your staff should be trained on data protection and relocation to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Additionally, roles should be clearly defined so all employees know what they are responsible for during the move.

Triple Check!

Triple-check all aspects of your move. This goes beyond checking boxes. Ensure that employee roles are clear and data and records have been safeguarded. That said, run mock scenarios to find any holes in your strategy. If you find any, correct them immediately! This will ensure that your office move runs smoothly and there is little chance of data breach or other moving mistakes.


Once settled in the new location, ensure all data is accessible and intact. For example, run system checks and test data recovery from your system backup locations. Additionally, data verification should be an ongoing management practice, not just a one-time process after your move is complete.

Follow the tips above when handling sensitive data during your office move!

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