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If you’re mulling over a move to the Big Sky state, you’re in the right place. Montana is perfect for those wanting stunning scenery and a laid-back life. 

The state offers a wealth of benefits—especially for nature lovers and those who want a slower pace of life. But where should you move within Montana? And should it be Helena? The city offers both a dense suburban feel and a wide variety of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. 

So should you move to Helena, Montana? This article breaks down everything you need to know about moving to Helena, Montana.

Is Helena, Montana, a Good Place to Live?

Montana is a state known for its natural beauty. If you’ve seen films such as A River Runs Through It, you’ve taken in the sheer magnitude of the state’s nature scene. You’ll find everything from mountains to lakes to wide-open fields.

Montana has the third lowest population density in the country, right behind Alaska and Wyoming. If that sounds like an idyllic escape to you, you may be the perfect fit for this city. Helena is the sixth-largest city in Montana, yet it’s still right up against Montana’s immense natural beauty. Getting out of the hustle and bustle couldn’t be easier.

Still wondering if Helena, Montana, is a good place to live? Here are a few factors to help you decide:

What’s the Weather Like in Montana?

Montana has all four seasons—and it isn’t shy in presenting them either. Expect cold winters and warm summers. The hottest month in Helena is July, with average highs of approximately 80°F. The coldest month is December, with lows of approximately 14°F. 

Excited about the prospect of living in a state where seasons actually change? You’ll be delighted by Helena’s climate.

What Kind of Activities Are in Montana?

The diverse and exciting landscape of Montana offers an incredible array of activities. Mainly, you’re going to find a wide variety of outdoor excursions and experiences to excite even the most adventurous souls. Whether you’re moving by yourself or with a family, there are plenty of things to do in Helena. 

You’ll find the stunning Gates of the Mountains National Park, the Cathedral of Saint Helena, the iconic Mount Helena, and more natural sites and architecture to explore. Beyond that, Helena is home to the Montana Historical Society Museum, the Montana Blue Jewel Mine, the Lewis & Clark Brewing Company, and more.

One thing is for sure: if you’ve decided Helena provides the pace of life you’re looking for, you won’t be bored. 

What Is the Cost of Living in Helena, Montana?

Helena is a fairly costly city to live in. The cost of living for one person in Helena, Montana, is an average of $1813 per month, which is in the top 21% of the most expensive cities in the world. Within Montana, Helena is the third most expensive city. 

Does Helena Have a Good Job Outlook?

Their steady job market somewhat balances the expensive nature of Helena. The unemployment rate in Helena is 3.3%, well below the national average of 6%. That being said, the job market isn’t on the rise. 

Currently, Helena has seen a decrease of 1.6% in its job market. In the next decade, they expect future job growth to be 24.5%, lower than the national average of 33.5%.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are moving to remote positions that don’t anchor them to a specific location. If you already have a remote role, that removes some of the economic pressure of moving to Helena. 

Is Helena a Good Place to Retire?

With a low crime rate, low population density, and a quiet atmosphere, Helena is a fantastic place to retire. The city provides several opportunities for retirees to step back in time and soak up the beauty of the Montana landscape.

The slower pace of life (especially in comparison to other big cities in Montana) yields a great daily routine. But Helena is still a very connected city, so you’ll have plenty of resources.

How Mesa Moving Makes Your Move a Breeze

As aforementioned, moving can be an adventurous and exciting experience. It can also be stressful if you’re not adequately prepared and equipped with the knowledge you need to make great decisions. 

Mesa Moving & Storage is well-versed in the Montana landscape and would love to assist if you have any questions about moving to the area. Contact us today to discuss the particulars of moving to Helena.

If you’re looking for a partner in your moving journey, we’re here to help. Mesa Moving & Storage offers free quotes for those interested in reliable, friendly, and efficient moving services.


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