Garages are the unofficial storage areas in most homes. People believe they will use these items at a future date. They store clothing, garden tools, exercise equipment, and other items to free up space in their home. This unused stuff may remain here for many months. When homeowners add more items, piles of junk build up.

If you’re moving soon, you may realize how much stuff you’ve collected in your garage. Packing this area for your upcoming move may seem like a monumental task.

We understand you may feel intimidated to prepare your garage for your upcoming move. In this article, you’ll learn how to organize and pack your garage for your upcoming move.

Set Aside Time to Pack Your Garage

Cleaning out your garage is a lengthy process that requires grit and determination. Since this area collects the most junk, most moving experts say this area takes the longest to pack. So mentally prepare yourself to stick out this task until you complete the process.

Please don’t underestimate how long it will take to finish this process. It may take a few days, even weeks, to complete. It will depend on how much stuff you have.

Set aside a few weeks before you move to pack your garage. You can spend a few hours a day completing the task, then take a break when the process becomes overwhelming. You should begin this process again when you have the time.

If packing your garage is still intimidating, you can get additional help from a Mesa Moving & Storage professional.

Buying Your Packing and Sorting Materials

Start your packing process by getting the packing tools, storage, and sorting items to make the process easier. Many of these materials are available at your local hardware store, home improvement retailer, or storage business. Mesa Moving also has packing materials available for sale.

Helpful materials to have on hand:

  • Sturdy Cardboard Boxes (varying sizes to store large and small items)
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper or Newsprint
  • Heavy-Duty Packing Paper
  • Resealable Ziploc bags of various sizes
  • Cable Ties
  • Permanent Markers
  • Packing Tape
  • Old Towels
  • Rags
  • Large Plastic Containers – (For Sorting)

Establishing Sorting Areas

If you’re packing your garage, you need an actionable plan to complete this project. Before you pack, spend a few moments to establish sorting zones. First, move your vehicles out of this area so you can see your working space.

Use a piece of paper to map out your garage. Determine where you’ll complete different tasks. For instance, you can separate the spacious central area into zones: a keep pile, a donation spot, and a throwaway station. You can reserve the fourth one for your larger tools like lawnmowers, rakes, shovels, and gardening tools.

In another area, set up a sorting station with small or medium-sized boxes. You can use a fold-away table for this task. Label each box with a marker dedicated to a specific task. For instance, you can place smaller nuts, bolts, tools in one box. You can use others for tools, items, cleaning solutions, or empty boxes that you need to clean and pack.

Next, assign a dedicated area in your garage for your packing materials, so you don’t have to hunt them down.

Identify Which Area to Handle First

Next, determine which areas you will tackle first in your garage. To reduce strain, only handle a single area of your garage every day. For instance, you can start with a small area on your East wall. Once you finish packing this area, repeat this process until you finish packing.

Decide what to Pack and Give Away

When moving to your new place, view it as a fresh start. Analyze each item and think about whether you need it for a future purpose. If not, it may be time to let it go. For instance, you may have purchased an older tool for a home improvement project. You can sell these items or donated them to charity if you won’t use them again.

Schedule a time with Goodwill or the Salvation Army to pick up these things. When the income tax deadline rolls around, you can use this donation as a deduction. Instead of carrying them to the new home, you can give away older items that you no longer use to Goodwill or a charity. If you can’t part with your things, you can buy additional storage from Mesa Moving and Storage.

Packing Common Garage Items

The hardest part of packing your garage is starting the process. As you complete each section, your momentum will build, and you’ll finish. Here are some tips to help you pack different belongings within your garage.

Tools and Screws – Get a toolbox to store hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, or other items. Screws are easy to lose, so place them within small plastic bags. You can place them inside a single box or pack them with their source items. Secure the box with packing tape to keep it closed during transport.

Power Tools – These tools require special disassembly. Remove all detachable parts, including the batteries. Pack these items separately, but keep them with the primary tool. Wrap the power code around the device, so it doesn’t get tangled after you pack it. Bubble wrap these items. After you finish, place these items in their original packages.

Lawnmowers, Chainsaws, Blowers – Do you have gas-operated machinery? Many moving companies will require you to drain their fuel before transporting them to your new home. If your gas-powered unit is almost empty, let the engine run until the fuel runs out.

Lawn and Patio Furniture – Clean these outdoor pieces and dismantle them to make them easier to move. Stack the chairs together. Remove umbrellas from tables. Shake clean, or use a garden hose to wash off debris. If items are wet, let them dry completely before wrapping them in bubble wrap or placing in the original container.

Autos or Motorcycles – Contact Mesa Moving and Storage to assist you in transporting vehicles to your new location.

Bicycles – It’s best to follow the guidelines for bike disassembly as provided by the manufacturer. They may include removing all accessories, handlebars and front wheels, detaching the breaks from the fork, and perhaps releasing the pressure in the tires.

Grills – Moving companies do not allow flammable or combustible items to be moved in the moving van. You can ask a dealer how you can dispose of these items. When you move, you can buy a new propane tank. Movers don’t allow customers to take charcoal from your barbecue either. You can give these items to a neighbor.

Satellite Dish/TV Antenna – Contact the company that installed your antennas and ask them how to pack these items and take them to your new place.

Children’s Swing Sets – Dismantle swing sets, slides, and trampolines and put these pieces and place them in the original boxes. If you didn’t save them, use boxes of suitable sizes.

Once you finish packing your items, label the contents of each box, and include their assigned area: the garage. Indicate whether the items inside each box are fragile.

Do you need help packing your garage for your upcoming move? Mesa Moving & Storage has friendly packers who can streamline the process for you. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.