If you’ve ever moved, you probably have heard the term “Peak Season”. Maybe you didn’t know what that really meant.

Essentially it is moving jargon for the time in the summer where there is an increase of demand for help moving. Typically, from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Prices may go up and availability definitely goes down.

Why peak season happens

Well there are a few reasons for why peak season occurs. It truly depends on the situation. But some common reasons for why peak season happens.

  • A significant amount of families with school aged kids want their children to finish up the school year instead of interrupting their academics. So, they wait until after the school year finishes to uproot their family.
  • The weather can also play a factor as most people (especially those who live where it snows) want to take advantage of the warmer weather and move when it is pleasant outside. Moving can already be a stressful endeavor, why do you have to be freezing as well?
  • Also, a majority of lease/rental agreements end in the summer. From June 1st to July 31st there is a significant increase in leases ending, hence more people move out and in.

What does that mean for you?

Mesa_Moving_residential_moving_helpIt means that prices and availability can go up and down respectively for moving companies. There is so much more demand that moving companies are often booked for weeks in advance. However, Mesa has you covered with some handy dandy tips on how to deal with peak season.

Schedule your move out/in date early. It is recommended to book at least two months in advance. This isn’t exclusive to interstate moves. Even if you are moving to a different apartment in the same complex, book it early. Think of it as booking an airplane ticket. If you book it the day before you are supposed to fly out it might not be possible to fly, and if it is it’s going to be expensive. But booking months in advance guarantees you getting successfully from point A to point B.

Weekends are high-demand days for moving, so if you want to save a little during peak season, book early and schedule your move on a weekday.

Avoid national holidays. It is already hectic enough. Traffic, partying neighbors, and getting from point A to point B isn’t worth it on this day.

Be flexible

That is the main goal when it comes to moving during peak season. Things change and get crazy. Openly discuss your unique moving requirements with the relocation consultant at the time of your home survey. Keep an open line of communication with your move coordinator, asking any questions you have about your move. Work with the crew members when they are in your home, voicing any concerns. Mesa Moving and Storage is here to help. If you have any further questions or want to schedule your move, feel free to call (888) 229-1409 to get you where you need to go.

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