Are you moving your family to Salt Lake City soon? Once you’ve unpacked your boxes and have the keys to your new place, it’s time to explore Salt Lake City with your kids or teens. But where to go or what to do? Mesa Moving and Storage is here to help. Each week Mesa will be asking employees in each of our 7 branch locations where do the locals take their families. Mesa Moving and Storage is the largest United Van Lines branch in Salt Lake City, Utah. When our employees spend time with their families, here’s the insider’s list of super places they enjoy.

Loveland Aquarium:

Family Friendly Spots in SLCA fun and educational experience for adults, teens and kids. The exhibits are beautiful and clean, and goes beyond just fish. With a reptile, penguin, butterfly, bird and meerkat exhibit, there is enough variety to keep your kid’s attention for hours. Add to that plenty of benches and free movies every half hour for when when mom and dad need to take a rest, or scroll through Instagram.

Hogle Zoo:

Much like the aquarium, Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City is a great place to learn about animals. Unlike the aquarium it is not indoors, so plan accordingly. Hogle has many events that coincide with the holidays, such as the “Zoo Lights” in December where everything gets decked out in holiday fashion. Check on their website to see what special events might be happening before you visit. But just the normal zoo is fun too.

Discovery Gateway:

Many other Utah lists online will mention the City Creek Mall, however, the Discovery Gateway is where the locals go shopping with their families. Not only does it have fun shops, but there is an amazing fountain system for the kids to play on and beat the summer heat. Discovery Gateway also features an escape room center that is perfect for the older kids, a cinema, outdoor live entertainment, swing sets, and a huge indoor children’s museum complete with a giant playground.

Liberty Park (Tracy Aviary):

Exploring Liberty Park for the first time feels like a ‘choose-your-own-adventure-story’. You will just keep asking yourself “There’s more?!?” It is an expansive green area that includes: tennis courts, pools, a greenhouse, a folk museum, a ferris wheel, and pedal boats on the lake. Don’t miss the Tracy Aviary – a place to see beautiful and unique birds that is smack in the middle of Salt Lake CIty. You can easily spend a whole day at Liberty Park and still feel that you didn’t do everything.

Wheeler Farm:

Family Farm Fun Baby GoatAnother park the little one love to visit is Wheeler Farm. This is a huge 19th century farm that is very well looked after by groundspeople and very knowledgeable guides. With a decent amount of pioneer history, adorable animals and a fascinating tour of the Wheeler house, Wheeler Farm is a fun day out and teaches the history of Salt Lake City, Utah in a fun and engaging way. Plus, baby goats.

This is the Place:

This is the Place is a pioneer park with activities like horseback riding, tours, train rides, and panning for gold. So many activities – so little time! Plus with special events around the calendar year there is always something happening here!

Thanksgiving Point:

With several different attractions that make up Thanksgiving Point, it’s hard to pick a favorite as they are all good. But they are especially good for differing ages. You could choose to spend the entire time at one of the museums, at the farm, in the gardens, or experiencing the butterfly biosphere. Take a look on their website and see what would fit your family the best for a day out.

Hale Center Theater:

The crown jewel of community theater in Utah. Watching a show there live you may believe it is a professional touring Broadway production, but no, the actors all live in the Utah area and most have day jobs in the community. Hale’s motto is to produce family friendly theater that everyone can enjoy. Every musical they do is a visual feast.The ticket prices are well worth the cost of entry. Truly won’t regret seeing something at the Hale.

Utah Children’s Theater:

If Hale is a little out of your budget, or the kids are a bit too young, the Utah Children’s Theater is a great alternative. They put on fun kid-friendly shows (often adapted from well known children’s books) and always have a fun season specifically geared towards kids.

Leonardo Museum:

Calling all science and tech aficionados! This museum is all about showcasing the cool stuff. From science, math, engineering, and science there is something that is engaging and fun for every kid. The Leonardo brings out the childhood-wonder in everyone.


There is a reason everyone talks about Lagoon as this family friendly Mecca. That’s because it is. Every Utah family has to do a patronage visit to Lagoon at some point in the summer. Waterparks, roller coasters, live events – it is kid heaven!

Evermore Park:

This is something for the older kids, and it’s quite a new venture. Basically imagine living out a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy adventure. With quests, jousts, food, actors, and costumes to match. That is Evermore Park. It might be a little too scary for younger kids, so use caution. But if you have some older kids they will heavily enjoy this fantasy adventure.

Gardner Village:

Gardner Village is something not easily explained. A tiny area of shops with a vintage aesthetic. The stores sell interesting merchandise that isn’t your usual mall type of purchases. Plus a sweet fairy and dessert shop for little girls. The building’s exteriors allow for great photo ops of the kids. Plus your kids will be so excited to explore they won’t mind you taking 300 photos of them.

Cascade Springs:

For the great outdoors, this is an easy walking trail down in American Fork. Beautiful waterfalls and streams on a paved path. Gorgeous views and easy enough for little kids to complete without getting tired.

Now that we’ve shared this list of super places that Mesa moving employees love taking their families, hopefully one or more of them will appeal to your kids and teens if you are moving to Salt Lake CIty. And if they need a little more urging to explore their new surroundings, let them know that most of these places have a Pokemon Gym for team conquering or a Pokestop.

Have fun with your family. Happy trails!

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