Virtual Surveys are becoming as popular as in-home surveys very quickly. Here at Mesa we realize technology is making many things in our daily lives a lot easier. Why not make the estimating process of a residential move faster and easier too? Many aspects of the relocation industry may never change – furniture and boxes still need to be picked up and transported from one place to another. But the way a residence is evaluated for an accurate estimate is changing rapidly.

Mesa_Moving_Free_EstimatesIf you’ve ever moved before, you’re probably familiar with the process – an Estimator comes by your residence and does a “walk through” – visually reviewing what you plan to move to your new home. This Move Estimate usually takes 30-60 minutes, and you (or someone you designate) needs to be at your home to accompany this individual throughout the process. Sounds a bit antiquated and time consuming. That is why Mesa Moving has added another element to our service – it’s called VMX – Virtual Move eXperience. With our VMX process, you can simply download an app to your phone, and one of our professional Estimators (no onsite visit necessary) will “virtually” walk through your house with you – taking a video of the items to be moved and providing you with a detailed, accurate estimate of all moving charges.

Schedule Your Survey

Mesa Moving and Storage offers you the ease of scheduling your Virtual Survey on a date and time that is convenient for you. Our Estimators are available evenings and weekends too – making it less of a hassle and much more convenient! These Virtual Estimates are just another way Mesa is Here to Help make the move process an easy one!

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