Mesa_Moving_Drives_WantedIt’s Driver Appreciation Week 2018 and Van Operators, we appreciate you at Mesa! The entire Mesa Family would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all Household Goods Drivers as we celebrate your hard work and dedication to moving people – whether that’s across the country or simply around the block. As we enter another busy Summer, we salute you and the critical role you play in our customers’ lives. Moving is anything but “easy” – and we all know it can be downright overwhelming – especially for those of us who don’t relocate often (or never have before). You face a lot of challenges each and every day – and yet you somehow find a way to overcome these obstacles to ensure a successful move.

So if you’re rolling by a Mesa Moving facility in Salt Lake City, Grand Junction, Denver or Boise in the days ahead – drop by and say hello to our Team. Enjoy some coffee and camaraderie while you’re with us – we truly appreciate you and thank you for your dedicated service. Mesa Drivers Are the Best!

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