Moving is stressful enough but, during the Coronavirus pandemic, this process can feel overwhelming. Without the proper steps to ensure safety, you and your family could be at risk of contracting this deadly virus.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we frequently hear questions such as:

  • Is it safe to move during COVID?
  • How will COVID affect my move?
  • Are movers required to wear masks?
  • Are movers safe during lockdown?

Even once the pandemic is under control, we understand that the specter of COVID will continue to affect how our world works. To stay safe – now and in the future – we have the top 5 professional movers’ tips for moving during COVID.

No. 1: Check CDC and Safety State Guidelines

Movers are deemed to be essential workers by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). As such, they are generally allowed to carry out the obligations of their duties as long as they adhere to CDC safety guidelines.

In addition to federal guidelines, however, many states have implemented restrictions. Check the CDC COVID information pages as well as your state guidelines.

No. 2: Ask Questions About COVID Safety

When you speak to professional moving companies to obtain quotes, ask about their COVID-19 safety guidelines. Some things to watch for when reviewing guidelines include restrictions preventing symptomatic employees from working and requirements for mask-wearing and social distancing. Ask whether they can provide a virtual quote for your move and how they sanitize their moving trucks and equipment between service.

No. 3: Practice Good Hygiene & Habits

You have every right to expect your movers to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and maintain safe distances from others. It’s only right that you and your family observe these same precautions. You will not only help minimize the risk to others but you’ll be giving your family the best chance of staying safe during the pandemic.

No. 4: Go the Extra Mile with Preparation

If you plan to pack your household goods and personal items yourself, this is not the time to scrounge used boxes or packing materials. Get unused boxes from your moving company or purchase them from a store or online. Likewise, order new packing tape, bubble wrap and other packing materials.

No. 5: Keep the Lines of Communication Open

As moving day approaches, don’t hesitate to check with your mover to verify that anyone they’re sending out has not been exposed to the virus or exhibiting symptoms. Likewise, if anyone in your household is sick or might have been exposed to COVID, you have an obligation to advise your moving company of this fact.

Mesa Moving and Storage, with convenient locations in Utah, Montana, Idaho and Colorado, is committed to providing our usual level of exceptional service while keeping everyone safe and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial moving services, or to request a free, virtual quote for your upcoming move.