There are several different types of moves you might be participating in, and one that may involve a few special detail areas is when two households are combining into one. Whether you’re moving in with a longtime significant other after years of living apart, are moving in with older relatives to serve as a caregiver or any related theme, there are a few particular areas you may need to consider outside the usual demands of a move.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re here to help with a huge variety of both commercial and home moves, with the best local movers in the business here to serve your every need. We’re also happy to provide expertise on distinct moving types, including those involving the combination of two or more households. Using a couple moving in together as our template (you can substitute your own situation if it differs here), let’s go over all the areas we recommend looking into if you’re preparing for this type of move in the near future.

combining multiple households moveTiming Considerations

First and foremost, you and your significant other must determine when the time is right for this kind of move – and there’s no handy guide or template to look at here. This is a completely personal decision, one that’s made based on how you both feel and how comfortable you are moving in together.

If you’ve already decided this is your next move and simply want to find an ideal moving time, call our pros. We’ll inform you of our rates based on times of the day or week, plus our availability in the upcoming days or weeks. We’ll also be happy to give you a cost estimate to help you get started with your financial planning.


Another early factor to get out of the way will be determining where to live, which is sometimes a bit more complex than normal for those combining households – especially if you’ve lived somewhat far apart previously. Some of the obvious factors to keep in mind here will be things like proximity to both your jobs, distance from school for any kids in the family, and related location needs. Others may factor in how close other family members live, crime rates and related location considerations, and more.

It’s important for both parties to feel comfortable with the final decision here.

Compromises and Flexibility

Many moves already require some general flexibility from the people moving, and those that combine households might even increase this theme. Especially for those who might be living with a significant other for the first time in their life, this change can be significant: Your personal space will feel different, as will the areas where you store your belongings, the locations where you spend your time, and many more potential areas. Both you and your significant other need to be prepared for some changes, and to compromise when it comes to the needs and desires of your partner.

This theme maintains even in situations where one partner is moving into the home, apartment or condo of the other – moves we’re also happy to assist with. It’s often the person staying put who has to do more compromising; at the same time, they’re the one who gets to remain in a familiar space and location, so they should be willing to show some flex. If both sides of this coin enter the situation with a positive and responsive mindset, both will end up comfortable.

Early Financial Conversation

Both in terms of the move itself and several other areas of living together, it’s also important to sit down and have a realistic financial conversation with your partner as you consider a move into the same space. As we noted above, when it comes to specific moving costs, we’ll be happy to provide an advanced estimate.

This talk should be about much more than just moving costs, however. Consider major themes, such as whether you and your partner might consider a joint bank account or whether you’ll be keeping finances separate. Also discuss how various bills and expenses will be covered – will they all be split down the middle, or will one person be covering certain areas while the other covers different ones? We recommend laying out a spreadsheet or some related simple document that will help you keep track of basic spending and expenses, especially regarding how they relate to your new living situation.

Possessions, Furniture and the Move

Once you’ve made your decision to move final, it’s time to get started on the actual move preparation itself. There are going to be lots of items to move over, especially if both parties are moving into an entirely new location, and you’ll want to get organizing started early.

For instance, if both of you own a bed, will both be moved to the new location? Will there be enough space for both your couches or other major furniture items? There might be certain things you choose to give away or recycle based on space concerns or simple lack of use.

Long-Term Storage

One theme that’s often helpful for those combining households, and one we’re happy to offer at Mesa Moving, is long-term storage. During the previous step, you may run into space concerns for the new home – but you may have items you definitely want to keep despite not currently having the space for them. Renting some long-term storage is a great way to hold these possessions for an affordable cost without any cramping.

For more on how to arrange a move when combining households, or to learn about any of our local or long-distance mover services, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.