Ready for a change but you are not sure where to go? After all that has happened in 2020, moving to a place that works for you and your family might be the ticket. There are some amazing places all over the United States, and we should know, as we have helped move people there. While we are particularly fond of the west, as in the adage, The West is The Best, there are some great places to live in the Midwest, South, and Northeast.

The best states do depend on your needs. Not every state has everything for everyone. This is why people move from one state to another at certain times in their lives. We decided to list the best three states in three categories: 1. Best States to Raise a Family 2. Best States to Work and 3. Best States for Retirees. The last section is the best state overall.

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Best States to Raise a Family

A state where you want to make sure the educational aspects are top-notch, the cost of houses is low, and that there are activities to do with your family. These three top states have it all, depending on where you decide to live.

1. Washington State: This state has many important features for raising a family. Depending on where you live, whether in the Seattle area, Spokane, or Vancouver, the overall test scores, graduation rates, SAT/ACT performance rates, and college enrollments are high, according to There are plenty of activities for the family, with beaches, national parks, and other public lands. The air quality can be one of the best in the country, except when there are forest fires.

2. Utah: Where to begin? Utah has many upstanding qualities for raising a family. It is relatively easy to get to a National Park, historical site, or public lands from anywhere in the state. The outdoor activities are many and the population trends towards people in their 20s and 30s. While there is a sales tax rate on food, many people have gardens, which helps towards education.

3. Virginia: Another state that has it all: excellent schools, some rated the best in the country, many national, state and county parks, historical sites, and museums galore! So many places to take your children for educational opportunities and outdoor activities. The state has mountains and beaches, snow and surf, and good air quality. A great state to raise healthy children.

Best States to Work

These states consider the tax benefits, starting a business, and labor force participation and unemployment rates. Their population rates are higher in the work ages too.

1. Utah: Besides a population that skews to the younger ages, the rate of a company staying in business is one of the highest in the country. The jobless rate for the state as of June 2020 was 5.1%.

2. Texas: While Texas has had employment highs and lows throughout its statehood, it still ranks as one of the best states to work. While the jobless rate in June 2020 was 8.6%, it has come down from a high of 13.5%. And with no state income tax, you receive more of your paycheck every week.

3. Colorado: This state has a high potential factor with startup business and established business. The population working ages are high, while the terms for corporate taxes are low. While the jobless rate right now is higher than the other two at 10% in June, they consistently show very low jobless rates in the past.

Best States to Retire

Typically, and historically, seniors want to retire to where it is warm, excellent healthcare facilities, and they get more for their money. They may also retire to a state that does not charge state income tax. Of the nine states that do not charge state income tax, three were selected based on the other factors for retirees.

1. Washington State: There is a relatively large percentage of seniors in the state, from ages 50 to 70. Their healthcare system has ranked consistently one of the highest in the United States. There are plenty of activities for active seniors throughout the state.

2. Colorado: The healthy outcomes for seniors is high in this state. That might be because of the clean air, low traffic, and fun activities for seniors. This state does charge for state income tax, but the benefits of the state counteract the costs.

3. Florida: This sunshine state boasts excellent beaches, beautiful sunshine, and no income state tax. However, so many people love this state that there is a high cost of living, traffic, and not always clean air. Yet there are plenty of retirees in this state, and you will find quite a few others in your age group.

There are many great states to choose from when trying to decide where to go. One thing we know for sure, is that wherever you decide to move, we can help make it easier. Contact us for more information.

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