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Salt Lake City, Utah is a metropolitan area renowned for its pristine natural settings, gorgeous mountain ranges, and majestic canyons. It is also home to the nation’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.The state has a reputation, nationally and internationally, as being a premier vacation destination for skiing and winter sports.


The city receives its name from the Great Salt Lake, which has a higher salinity than seawater. It is one of the largest lakes outside the Midwest. Salt Lake City is also the state’s most populous town. Should you move to Salt Lake City? Of course! Especially if you find yourself drawn to a community with safe streets, friendly people, and beautiful mountain views.

Are you moving to Salt Lake City, Utah soon? If so, we understand you want to know the most exciting features of this vibrant metropolis. In this article, we’ll discuss ten things you should know before relocating to Salt Lake City.

1. Salt Lake City’s Median Home Values Have Risen

SLC Apartments

According to Zillow’s most recent 2022 market overview, the typical value of Salt Lake City homes will continue to increase. The agency says the average price for homes is $635,962. Experts seasonally adjust this value to only include the middle tier of houses within the Rocky Mountain city.

2. Salt Lake City Has Many Trendy Neighborhoods for Residents

Salt Lake City has fantastic residential settings for every taste. Residents can select homes in urban oases, artistic districts, and college towns. Here are some communities you can consider settling down in when choosing your next home.


Downtown SLC

This bustling, urban area has boutique shops, art galleries, and five-star restaurants. The Downtown Farmers Market offers organic produce and handcrafted products from local businesses.

After dark, citizens can enjoy Salt Lake City’s hottest spots, coolest bars, and thumping club scene.

Central City

Trolley SquareImage Source

This adventurous college-town neighborhood offers a variety of family-friendly attractions. Food lovers will marvel at Central City’s upscale restaurants and flavorful international cuisine.

Pet parents can let their fur babies play off-leash at the dog-friendly Herman Franks Park. Art aficionados can enjoy a midday escapade at the gorgeous, manicured settings at the serene Gilgal Sculpture Garden.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City, UtahImage Source

During warmer weather, families can spread out a blanket for an impromptu picnic in Liberty Park. Inside the spacious recreational area, kids can swim in one of its pools or play in the playground.


This pristine, rustic neighborhood resembles a stately New England collegiate community. The area also has quick access to Yale Park, the Yale Gardens, and the University of Utah.

It has a vast range of mid to high-range luxury homes with picturesque views of the Oquirrh and Wasatch Mountains. Homebuyers can select from English cottages, Spanish colonial residences, and French and Tudor houses.

Sugar House

Sugar House
Image Source

This quiet artisan community, whose name came from a closed sugar beet test factory, is one of the oldest ones in Salt Lake City.

It is next to the University of Utah and Westminster College. The area has recently been revitalized with new shops, restaurants, and condos. It has many 1920s homes and trendy bungalows, which are candidates for renovation. It is ten minutes from downtown and a short driving distance from the mountain, ski resorts, and snowboarding trails.

The Avenues

This vibrant, historic residential neighborhood has a modern, artisan flair. It is home to contemporary yoga and Pilates studios, spas, and bed-and-breakfasts.

Capitol Hill/Marmalade

Capitol Hill

This hip neighborhood has an elevated, breathtaking view of the entire Salt Lake metropolitan area from Ensign Peak. This area has a range of Gothic and Victorian homes. Residents can hike or bike down the world-class Bonneville Shoreline Trail. There are also a variety of excellent roof-top restaurants with enchanting views of the city.

The sprawling Marmalade district in Capitol Hill is a large, diverse area home to many senior citizens and LGBTQ+ community members. It has a vibrant nightlife for college students and young adults.



This neighborhood is a favorite suburb of Salt Lake City’s upscale professionals. The artisan district has unique antique stores, fashion boutiques, museums, and arboretums. It abuts the University of Utah campus.

3. Explore Salt Lake City Using Public Transportation Options

Downtown Salt Lake

The area has several convenient public transportation options for Salt Lake City residents called UTA. Residents have the option of riding buses, the TRAX light rail system, and the FrontRunner commuter rail. Service areas include Box Elder, Tooele, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, and Utah Counties.

UTA buses and trains use an electronic payment system called FAREPAY. Although riders can spend cash, they should always present the exact payment since drivers cannot make change.

The transportation system also provides services for people who need more assistance. For more information, contact (801) 287-2275 or visit

4. Salt Lake City Area has the Best Schools in Utah

Salt Lake City has many elite schools, including private, charter, and public schools. Relocating to Salt Lake means access to the Salt Lake City and Granite School Districts—two top public school options within the metropolitan area. Salt Lake has many elite schools, including private, charter, and public schools. U.S. News and World Report routinely includes Salt Lake City’s public charter schools and four district high schools on its Best High School Rankings list.

Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy in Lindon recently earned the top honor. InTech Collegiate High School received the publication’s second-place ranking. They rated Academy for Math Engineering and Science, which shares a campus with Cottonwood High School, third in the state. Granite School Skyline High School and North Utah Academy for Math Engineering and Science rounded out the top five.

5. Spend Your Day at Five Excellent Salt Lake City Attractions

After you move to Salt Lake City, spend your afternoon exploring the city’s amazing tourist spots. Here are a few places you should visit after you move.

  • The Clark PlanetariumThis is a must-see destination for residents who want to learn about space, science, and technology. For 50 years, Clark Planetarium has promoted greater awareness about how science affects our daily lives. It has 10,000 square feet of free exhibits. Visitors can also watch films about space technology in Northrop Grumman’s 3D IMAX Theatre or the Hansen Dome Theater. For details, visit the Clark Planetarium page.

Clark PlanetariumImage Source

  • The National History Museum of UtahThis attraction showcases the natural world. It has engaging exhibits about gems, minerals, preserved artifacts, and Utah’s native people. You can also see an expansive view of the Salt Lake Valley from the museum’s observation deck.
Natural History Museum of UtahImage Source
  • Red Butte GardenThis extraordinary botanical garden and state arboretum is the largest in the Intermountain West. The facility first opened in 1985 and sits within the foothills edging the eastern portion of the University of Utah’s campus. It has more than 100 acres of gardens and five miles of hiking trails within its extensive natural grounds. It has vast plant collections, garden displays, and 500,000 springtime blooming florals, including an impressive daffodil collection. During the summer, Red Butte Garden hosts its renowned outdoor concert series. The public can also take horticulture-based educational programs.
Red Butte Garden
  • Big Cottonwood CanyonThis park, located in the Wasatch Mountains, is a wilderness recreational area that offers scenic views all year round. It also has gorgeous hiking and biking trails. Tripadvisor bestowed the canyon with the Travelers Choice Award in 2020.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

  • Hogle ZooThis 42-acre zoo in Emigration Canyon features animals from diverse ecosystems. It connects people to the natural world and teaches visitors about wildlife conservation action. It has over 800 animals, including giraffes, bears, turtles, and gorillas. The zoo offers wildlife connections where you can get an up-close experience with the animals.

Hogle Zoo


6. Salt Lake City Is Affordable

The cost of living is about 6% lower in Salt Lake City than in the rest of the country. You won’t pay nearly as much in housing, utilities, and groceries compared with other US cities. If you take advantage of Salt Lake City’s convenient public transportation options, you’ll even save money on car costs. And if you use a bicycle to get to work? You’ll save even more!

7. A Diverse Population

Salt Lake City, founded by Brigham Young in 1847, is well-known for its Mormon history and roots. This beautiful city attracts people from various backgrounds, including recent college graduates, young professionals, and LGBTQ+ residents. The city also has a thriving Asian population (5.5%) and a growing Hispanic population (20%). All of this helps make the city more diverse and interesting. 

8. It’s Easy to Navigate

Salt Lake City has a unique street numbering system, but don’t let that deter you. Starting at Salt Lake Temple, you’ll find North Temple, South Temple, West Temple, and Main Street. It all begins where South Temple and Main Street meet. Then every street name indicates how far east/west or north/south you’ve gone. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!

If you don’t want to drive, you have other great choices. Again, not only will you enjoy convenient public transportation options, but you might also find yourself using the city’s popular bike lanes. Mountain biking and bike-sharing programs encourage residents to use this healthy, environmentally-friendly option. 

9. Salt Lake City Is Friendly

Salt Lake City is known for its population of truly nice people, with neighborhoods full of friendly, smiling residents. It says a lot about a town when the people living there seem genuinely happy to be out and about. No one is a stranger here, just a future friend. It’s a great place to launch a career, raise a family, or retire, as the community will welcome you with open arms no matter your life stage. 

10. The Weather Rocks

You will enjoy all four seasons here and the changing sights that come with each one. Summer is hot, and many people can be found swimming or playing outside. In winter, take advantage of skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Autumn brings a chill in the air along with changing leaves, while new life and flowers bloom in Spring. It’s never boring.

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