What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

It’s nearly Memorial Day, which is the traditional kick-off for parents to shift from school routines to the free-for-all that is summer vacation. As a working mother of 3 who has moved her family four times in the past ten years (each time over the summer), organizing a ‘Summer Bucket List’ filled with age-appropriate activities has helped my kids settle into their new home much more quickly and find new friends.

How Do I Create a List of Activities?

Start by listing at least one activity you’d like to do with each one of your kids. Maybe it’s a camping trip or visiting a nearby city or exploring a national park.

Then add a few more activities based on their ages. Google and Pinterest are your best friends – look for things to do with toddlers or teens, depending on their ages. Jot down a date-specific event or two.

Think about each child’s interests and add activities accordingly. Does your 8 year old view herself as a budding artist? How about an afternoon painting together on the porch or backyard? Or check out the children’s activities at your library or museum. Is your 13 year old interested in cars? Are there vintage car shows nearby? Or maybe a race you could attend together?

Here’s my family’s Summer Bucket List to give you some activity ideas:

Mesa Fun bucket List

Organizing Your Summer Bucket List

Once you have a list of 5-8 activities per child, take a fresh sheet of paper and divide into three columns: June, July, and August. Drop 1-2 longer activities in each month (all-day or weekend trips). Think about any social commitments or annual traditions and add those into the appropriate month. Our family has an annual snowball fight on the 4th of July, which takes about a day to drive to wherever there may be snow, have lunch, video the snowball fight, then drive home.

Fill in the rest of each month with activities that may take an hour or two of your time but will be priceless to your children. They really will remember it for a very long time.

Take Pictures and Cross off Activities

My last piece of advice is to take plenty of pictures, print them out and post them near your list, then let your kids cross off the activities as you finish them. Be sure to take a picture of your list just before school starts again. Anything you didn’t get done can go onto next year’s list. Or not. It’s your family – have fun whatever you decide to do!

Written by Mesa’s VP of Marketing

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