Self-storage isn’t always the best option, especially when you find yourself with a house full of items after grandmother passes away. With no extra time to sort through her belongings, warehouse storage may be your best option. With warehouse storage at Mesa Moving & Storage, you can store grandma’s heirlooms for any period of time, whether short- or long-term, until you are ready to decide what to do with everything.

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage may sound intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. Our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities are completely safe and secure, and since we’re watching over your belongings in a warehouse, we’ve got lots of room. Many storage options don’t take into account a house full of furniture that needs to be stored for only a month, or your great aunt’s oriental rugs that needs to be stored for a few years. Warehouse storage at Mesa Moving can accommodate both scenarios.

One of the most common reasons for needing warehouse storage is moving related. If you’re new in town and need to rent before you can move into your house, you may not have enough room for all of your furniture. Our safe, secure, and climate-controlled facilities are a great place to store that extra couch or second dresser while you wait on a bigger space.

And just because we’re a warehouse, doesn’t mean that anyone can come in and look at your stuff. We make sure to protect your items. Only authorized personnel are allowed into our facilities. Visitors are checked in and out and supervised at all times because we know just how valuable your possessions are to you. All of our facilities are Department of Defense approved, which means nothing gets out and no one gets in without us knowing about it.

In need of a little extra space? Call us at Mesa Moving to learn more about our storage options today.

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