Organizing Your Space

This is a continuation of last week’s blog post “Spring Cleaning Tips”. Take a look at part one of this series from Mesa Moving if you haven’t already.

Next Steps

So you have the music, motivation, and cleaning supplies. Now what? Sometimes your life is already so clean and functional that all you have to do is clean the space. But perhaps you are a student who use the oven to store winter blankets. Maybe you don’t know how to spring clean because your house is so disorganized you don’t know where to start. So the question becomes, “how do I begin making my house organized”?

One Thing At A Time

Professional organizers often advise people to work in sections. If you are working in the kitchen area, pull out one drawer at a time and go through it. Then ask yourself these questions with items you are struggling to organize.

  • Is this item clutter?
  • Is this item functional?
  • Has this item been used in the past year?
  • Is this item sentimental?

Asking those questions and being honest with yourself will help de-clutter your living space. Try and limit the sentimental items. If items like old art projects and schoolwork are really hard to let go of, perhaps take a picture and store it on a cloud service to look at. That way it limits the amount of paper products in the house, but it isn’t throwing away old memories.

Now after going through those kitchen drawers take a look at everything you aren’t sure about. What can be donated? What do you want to keep? If you still aren’t sure, perhaps look at storage options available to you. Sometimes, especially large furniture, is hard to get rid of. Looking at long term storage options available to you is basically a grown up version of stuffing things into a closet.

Use The Space You Have

Mesa_spring_cleaning_organizing_shelvesWhen you go through each room, look at the organizational space in each room. If you have boxes and shelves use them! Remember that everything should have a home. Boxes are a good way to simplify like items. Plus fabric boxes can add a splash of decor to your place. Shelves are often the go-to furniture item to organize – and for good reason. They can often liven a place up and be a great storage solution. But there are so many other alternatives to help keep things in their home. One quick Google search can help find exactly what furniture piece will work best in the space you have.

For example, under-the-bed storage is great for summer clothes. If you have some suitcases that can be a cheap alternative for storage. Getting some baskets to clean up under the sink for cleaning products. Shoe caddies or racks can help save a ton of space. The organization help is limitless and can be inexpensive. Plus it can help with any room.

Don’t lose hope! There are solutions to the chaos. Whether it’s just donating a couple hours each day to going around and de-cluttering. Or you have a whole week-long marathon of getting your home together. It doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task that you put off. You can start today for a better home tomorrow.