Spring Cleaning Tips

March is here and that means two things, March madness and spring cleaning are right around the corner. Now basketball isn’t my thing, but cleaning and organizing sure is! This is one of the most exciting times to revamp your style and clean out the excess in life. But finding the motivation and staying on task can be tricky. Here are some tips and tricks to get you in the #Spring Cleaning mood!


 It’s one thing to decide to clean. It’s another to actually go out and do it.

  • spring_cleaning_tips_Mesa_MovingHave a playlist full of music that inspires you to work (and maybe sing loudly to the chorus, no judgment here)!  Not only does it help to get in the groove, but if you have a playlist designed specially to be your “cleaning up room jams” it will help your brain get in the mode of what to do.
  • Browse some pictures of a dream kitchen/bedroom/living room/apartment. Seeing how clean and lovely those rooms look often inspires me to get my butt moving to make my living space look just as nice.
  • Schedule your time in a calendar. If you already have down “Clean apartment from 12-2.30” then it won’t be as easy to back out on yourself if you have already committed that this is the time to clean.


Great! You have the playlist and the inspiration, but where do you start?

  • Break down your task into smaller steps. For example if you have more than one room/area, focus on the bedroom instead of the whole living space. It helps to make the whole deep clean less overwhelming. Moving the idea from “everything must be clean by tonight” and instead giving yourself an hour each day is actually going to help you accomplish this huge task.
  • Move all the cleaning supplies you could possibly need into the room you are focusing on. The biggest nail in a coffin to stopping the cleaning train before it has gotten into the station is getting distracted. To help ensure you don’t gather all the possible things you will need in the room you are cleaning.
  • With bigger tasks like downsizing your closet, take everything out. Then evaluate each item if it needs to be tossed, put into storage, or kept. It can be annoying to go through everything. However unorganized stuff is what causes your house to get continually messy. Cutting the problem from the root is the best way to make sure your spring cleaning can become a recipe for a clean house in every season.
  • Take small breaks when you’ve accomplished a task, but don’t get sucked in! Cell phones can be distracting, I can’t tell you how many times I take a quick breather, check Instagram, and half an hour later I’m watching a boy yodeling in Walmart. So as tempting as it is, when you take your break don’t go on your phone. It kills focus.

In the end you can’t fake a deep clean. You truly want to improve your living situation and make it nicer for you and the people close to you. All of Mesa Moving‘s tips boil down to dedicating yourself and keeping focus on the job at hand. If you can decide that this is important and keep at it, you can get there! I believe in you. Look out for part 2 where I will go more into the step by step process I use to clean and organize my space.

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