There are a few items that take on increased importance during a home or building move, and one type that’s at the top of any such list is the box. Whether you’re hiring professional movers or handling the job yourself, cardboard and other box types are the most commonly-used carrying format out there – but not all boxes are created equal in this realm.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re happy to provide a wide variety of moving services in Salt Lake City, from home moves and local solutions to long-distance moves and numerous other areas of assistance. Through our years in the moving industry, we’ve become legitimate experts in the field of moving boxes – their various types, plus their size and weight considerations. Here’s everything you should know about moving boxes.

moving box basics types sizeStandard and Specialty Box Types

Most of us are familiar with the standard cardboard box, which is available in a few different size templates we’ll go over in a bit. This box can usually hold a relatively strong amount of weight, especially when new.

However, in the moving world, there are also several forms of specialty boxes that will often be used for certain items or projects. Packing for a move include the following:

  • Wardrobe box: A box that’s meant to keep clothes from becoming wrinkled or otherwise bothered during the moving process, the wardrobe box is larger than standard box types. It’s approximately 10 cubic feet (CF) in size, plus is made from heavy-duty cardboard. This box is meant to stay vertical at all times during the move and can come complete with a hanging-bar that allows you to hang various items. The wardrobe box also works with items like folding chairs, golf clubs, tennis rackets or other long items.
  • Moving cartons: These standard packing boxes ranging between 1.5 and 6.0 CF n size and can be used for all kinds of household items. It’s best to put heavy items such as books in smaller boxes, and lightweight items such as pillows and quilts in the bigger boxes.
  • Dish pack: This unique box is usually 18” x 18” x 28” and used to pack the dishes, china, and glasses from your kitchen cupboards. Corrugated or foam separators are available to keep like items from touching.
  • Mirror box: These large, flat boxes usually come in a set to nest inside each other and are designed for protecting mirrors, picture frames, and artwork.

Considering Size and Weight

These are only a few of the types of moving boxes available at Mesa Moving and Storage. If you don’t need specialty boxes, the name of the game is just finding your ideal box size and weight threshold. As we noted above, boxes are measured in cubic feet, usually starting at 1.5 CF and moving up from there. Heavy items and knickknacks should be put in smaller boxes, while heavy-duty boxes can also take more weight. Other common box sizes include 3.1 CF (often used for toys, shoes, etc.), 4.5 CF (linens, towels, clothes, etc.) and 6.1 CF (pillows, lampshades or other large items).

For more on choosing the ideal box for any move, or to learn about our moving services, storage facilities or other solutions in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.