While professional movers can and will move nearly any type of item you have a need for, there are just a few exceptions here based on themes like safety and liability. Knowing these kinds of items is important for anyone considering hiring movers, as it will help you maintain realistic expectations and understand exactly what will happen during the process.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re proud to offer a variety of residential moving services in Salt Lake City, both for short- and long-distance moves. We pride ourselves in being up-front with clients about all our services, allowing them to fully prepare for moving day – and this includes informing you of any items that, whether for liability or legal reasons, we either cannot or should not move for you, particularly for a long-distance move. Here’s a brief but comprehensive list, allowing you to avoid these items and focus on the plethora of others that can readily be moved by our movers.

mover off-limit item alternativesHazardous Items

First and foremost, for safety reasons we hope our clients understand, we and other movers cannot transport hazardous materials. These include various chemicals, gasoline, lighter fluid, pesticides or weed killers, pool chemicals and a few others.

We’re happy to provide a detailed list of these items if-needed. And in most cases, clients only have a couple of these substances present in their homes, and can move them in safe locations within a personal vehicle.

Perishable Foods

Particularly for long-distance moves, it simply makes no sense to pack perishable foods in a moving truck or van. Any impact might create leaks or spills from these food items, or could even lead to mold formation. While canned foods can generally be transported without issue, perishables should generally be finished before you move, or transported via a personal vehicle.


Did you realize that, for many states, there are laws about which plants can or can’t cross state lines? This is mostly based on potential pest hazards from these plants, plus some other factors.

For this and related soil and spillage concern reasons, plants are generally off-limits for movers. Most plant owners prefer to transport their own, anyway, as this presents a lower risk of plants dying.

Documents, Pictures and Heirlooms

Finally, this last area is one where there’s no technical rule preventing you from asking us to move items like vital documents, family pictures or longtime heirlooms. Rather, we often recommend against it – our movers take great care with all materials, to be sure, but you can never be 100% sure what might happen if those items leave your possession – they can’t easily be replaced, after all. We generally recommend moving sensitive personal items on your own, just to be safe.

For more on off-limits items for most professional movers, or to learn about any of our moving services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.