When planning for an upcoming move, there’s a natural tendency for many of us to think primarily about our indoor items and furniture. And while it’s totally normal for most of your attention to be on this area, it’s vital not to gloss over your outdoor items – items that also might involve some different packing or moving techniques depending on their age, cleanliness and other factors.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re thrilled to assist with both home and commercial moving services, plus all your storage facility needs. We’ve helped thousands of clients with every part of their move, including packing and hauling important outdoor items from one location to the other. Whether on your own or with the assistance of our moving professionals, what are some important themes to keep in mind when prepping and moving outdoor items? Here’s a primer.

remembering outdoor items moveCleaning Themes

Before beginning any major packing, one important theme for outdoor moving items is cleaning. Many of these items, such as outdoor grills, outdoor furniture and others, will pick up significant dirt and grime as they sit outside for long periods – and if they aren’t cleaned, you risk transferring this to other items during the move.

Spray all your outdoor furniture down with a standard cleaner, plus wipe and rinse all areas possible. If you have a grill that requires cleaning, we recommend removing soot and ashes from inside, plus cleaning all the grease and the ash-catcher. On top of this, your particular grill model may have additional cleaning recommendations, for which you should consult your owner’s manual. All items must be completely dry and free of moisture before packing and prepping to move.

Pre-Packing Separation and Cushioning

Once everything is clean, it’s time to separate the important components as necessary here. For instance, if you have pillows or other cushions that are part of your patio furniture setup, these should be removed and moved separately to avoid any dirt concerns.

Furniture pieces should be wrapped in moving blankets and/or packing tape, plus secured within whichever vehicle they’re being moved in. Grates, trays or other extensions of the grill should be removed and transported separately. Certain items here, such as the propane tank or charcoal are considered “non-allowables” due to their volatile nature and should not be put on the truck with your household goods.

Keeping Track

As you move through this process, it’s important to track everything. Use a notepad or even a phone or tablet to record when items have been moved, and consider color code labeling all boxes so it will be easy to organize them at your destination.

Professional Assistance

While there are some areas of this process you can complete on your own if desired, Mesa Moving and Storage is also here to help with each and every one of them. Our team of movers has transported numerous outdoor items and furniture setups, both for short- and long-distance moves, and we’ll handle any part of this process that may be too cumbersome or difficult for you..

For more on our outdoor item moving tecnhiques, or to learn about any of our long-distance or other moving solutions, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.