You’ve done everything right. You booked a moving company months ago. You started organizing and packing all of your stuff well in advance. You’ve notified the right parties of your impending relocation. You’ve dotted all your ‘I’s and crossed all your ‘T’s. Your move should go off without a hitch, right?

Not if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate.

Unfortunately, inclement weather can happen at any time – especially in the Western US. While there’s nothing you can do to avoid the elements completely, there are some strategies you can employ to protect your belongings and improve your chances of a successful move, regardless of the conditions.

Stay up-to-date on the weather report.

It’s impossible to predict weather as far in advance as you’ve been able to prepare for other aspects of your move, but you should be able to get a relatively accurate idea of what to expect within a week or so of move day. While obviously not completely fool-proof, knowing a few days ahead of time that there’s a chance it will rain will at least give you a heads up of what you will be up against and be prepared for soggy conditions.

Dress for success.

Let’s be honest. Moving in the rain, sleet or snow isn’t fun. To make it a little less unpleasant and prevent any potential mishaps, make sure you’ve got appropriate gear lined up for yourself and anyone else who will be helping. For rain, we recommend rain boots and rain jackets. For snowy weather, make sure you are adequately bundled and have footwear that provides good traction. Remember the doors will be propped open during your move so don’t rely on the warmth inside your home.

Cover and store.

If there’s a good chance your moving day will be a wet or snowy one, it’s probably a good idea to invest in some more durable packing materials. For instance, it you are doing the work yourself, we recommend purchasing (or borrowing) tarps and heavy blankets to protect your bulky items from water damage. If possible, utilize plastic waterproof bins, particularly for transporting sensitive items, like paper goods and electronics. At the very least, make sure you have plenty of large trash bags on hand to provide an extra layer of protection for your stuff. Or rely on the trained movers and packers at Mesa Moving to properly prepare your household items for safe moving.

Organize to shorten the distance.

No matter what the weather, if Mesa is doing your move, rug runners and carpet-mask is placed on the walkways and stairways. If you want to minimize the foot traffic, boxes that you pack can be moved to a room or area of your home that’s closest to the door. Clearing the steps, sidewalk and driveway make it more efficient for the movers as they walk back and forth to the truck through the elements.

Prevent slips and falls.

Whether you’re moving on your own or have hired Mesa Moving, you’ll want to make sure any outdoor surfaces in and around both properties remain free of debris, snow, and ice to prevent possible slips and falls. Your movers will take the appropriate measures to have protection on the floors and entryways.

Wait for a break.

If at all possible, try to wait until there’s a break in the weather to carry out the move. For instance, if the forecast calls for torrential downpours in the morning but only light rain in the afternoon hours, delaying the schedule a bit would probably be better for everyone. If you’re working with Mesa Moving, stay in regular contact with your move coordinator to see if there’s flexibility on timing.

Remove wrappings.

While keeping your items wrapped, covered or safely packed in boxes is important for protecting them when you are moving, it’s important to unwrap and unpack your items in a timely manner, especially if you’ve moved on a very rainy day. When things get damp and are allowed to sit, they become a haven for mold and mildew, which is not a great way to kick things off in your new place!

Leave it to the experts.

Moving isn’t particularly fun, and unless you have extensive experience with the process, inclement weather conditions can make things even more challenging. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also increases the risk of something valuable becoming damaged or destroyed if you try to take care of it yourself. That’s why working with a professional moving company like Mesa makes the most sense.

As seasoned residential movers in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana, the Mesa team knows all about unpredictable and challenging weather conditions. Our movers receive extensive training in all facets of packing, loading, residence protection and safe handling techniques. We can get you and your belongings safely settled in to your new place, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

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