If you live in metropolitan Utah and are planning on moving, you’ll want to start searching for a mover nearby. Mesa Moving and Storage is a professional mover in Salt Lake City that is here to help. Whether moving locally from Park City to West Valley, or across the country from Provo to Panama City, Florida, you need to have confidence in your mover. Mesa Moving would like to give you three key points to help you build that confidence.

Price is important but it shouldn’t be the most important thing in choosing your mover. Saving a few dollars may not be worth it if there is a lot of damage to your home and possessions. What is the real price you pay if the cheaper mover fails to show up on moving day? No one needs that stress. These situations may seem far-fetched, but they do happen. Moving doesn’t have to be a game of chance and finding a good mover nearby involves doing some quick research.

Find a Reputable Mover

Choose a reputable mover affiliated with a national van line that you’ve heard of such as United Van Lines or Mayflower. Ideally you want to hire a company that follows performance standards, training goals, and requires background checks for their crews. These important qualities are required for United Van Lines agents like Mesa Moving and Storage. We pride ourselves as being a great professional mover in Salt Lake City. Every Mesa employee and crew member is background checked and trained to specific relocation standards to ensure careful handling and safe transport of your items.

Select a Real Moving Company

It may sound funny, but it’s important that the mover you select is a real moving company. Mesa_Movers_near_me There are many online moving broker that may auction your move to the cheapest hauler. An online broker may not be licensed to transport items across state lines, may not be bonded or insured or own a truck. You run the risk of inexperienced moving crews, leaky trailers, and suspicious delivery dates. Some fly-by-night movers are rogue companies with the simple intent of making more money by holding your items hostage until you pay extra. These disasters can be avoided. Make sure the mover you choose has a warehouse and office nearby. If you have time, stop by and check them out! Most professional moving companies like Mesa Moving are open Monday through Friday and would be happy to show you around.

Get Written Estimate

Mesa Moving has professional and experienced Relocation Consultants that are happy to walk you through the process, provide you with a clear, free, written estimate for your relocation, and they’ll happily offer moving tips to keep your costs well within your budget! Mesa even offers virtual surveys if you don’t have the time to meet someone at your house for a walk-through. A virtual survey can be done via a simple app on your phone, and the move estimate is guaranteed just like an in-home estimate! Schedule today!

You have lots of choices when looking for a mover. The more you know about the company you choose, the better your overall experience will be. Remember Mesa Moving is the professional mover in Salt Lake City that is here to help get you where you need to be.