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How to Prepare for a Local Move


To ensure your relocation is an easy one, here are some important tips on how to prepare for a local move.

Two Months Before Moving Day

  • Request a few days off work before and after your local move date.
  • If applicable, notify your landlord and understand moving-out policies and guidelines.
  • Decide your moving method – Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or hire movers.
    • If DIY, rent a portable container or a truck.
    • If hiring movers, get estimates from reputable and insured local movers.
  • Start going through your belongings and sort into three groups: trash, donate, and keep.
    • If downsizing, storage will be needed. Make arrangements with a local storage facility.
  • Make a list or take a photo inventory of the valuable items you plan to move.
  • Gather important documents; school, medical, insurance, titles, deeps, stocks, etc. and keep together.
  • Talk openly with your children about the move, especially if they are switching schools. Visit the new neighborhood often.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Finalize move date.
  • If DIY packing, start to gather newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and lots of boxes.

One Month Before Moving Day

  • Have a garage sale, donate unwanted items, or discard trash.
  • Notify your insurance agent and set up renter’s/homeowner’s insurance for your new location.
  • If hiring movers, communicate which items you’ll pack and which items they’ll pack.
  • If DIY, begin packing items and rooms not used frequently. Mark each box with room name and item summary.
  • Notify service companies that you are moving and set up new service.
    • electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable, internet

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Plan a few big meals and begin to use up the food in your refrigerator and freezer.
    • Moving companies don’t transport perishables so try to minimize food volume.
  • Review the non-allowable list and either plan on transporting yourself, or discard properly.
  • Notify the U.S. Post Office and all other incoming mail of your address change.
  • Return borrowed items and library books.
  • Prepare lawn equipment for transport by draining fluid.

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Whether DIY or hiring movers, confirm move date and time and any specific important details.
  • Begin cleaning rooms as you pack them to make the final sweep easier.
  • Finish packing and marking all boxes.
  • Back up computer files and carefully pack electronics.

Two Days Before Moving Day

  • Unplug your refrigerator and thaw out your freezer. Wipe it dry.

Moving Day

  • Even if your local move is just around the corner, pack a suitcase. In it will be essentials such as a change of clothes, medication, or phone charger – items that you may need access to right away.
  • Walk around your home and make sure nothing was left behind in the attic, basement, garage, back yard or garden shed.
  • Pick up trash, sweep the floors, and lock the door as you leave your old house.
  • Make sure your old neighbors have your new address.

Remember to notify others of your change-of-address. Following is a partial list:

  • U.S. Post Office
  • Employer
  • Insurance Agent
  • Bank, Lender, credit card company
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Magazines and Newspaper subscriptions
  • Schools, Clubs, and Associations
  • Utilities

The best way to prepare for a local move and avoid the stress completely is to hire the professionals at Mesa Moving & Storage.

Susan Richards