Here at Mesa Moving and Storage we love our furry friends and we are here to help make it easier when you are moving with pets.

First you will want to gather and organize any information you need about your pet.

  • Date of birth, weight, breed
  • Tracking-chip information
  • Health and immunization records

Traveling with pets when you are moving

Next you will want to consider how far away your residential move is. If you are traveling with pets when you are moving, there are a number of things you can do to make the time spent on the road easier.

  • Keep your pet’s things accessible such as a bowl for water, treats, or their favorite toy.
  • Remember to take frequent stops for bathroom breaks and to stretch their legs. It isn’t easy for a human to be cooped up in a car for long hours and it isn’t easy for a pet either.
  • You may want to consider “calming” treats if your pet gets anxiety in the car. Your veterinarian or local pet store can provide you with ideas.
  • Depending on if your pet rides in the car regularly, you’ll want to protect your seats from any accidents. There are many options out that can be customized for your specific type of car.
  • is a great resource for finding pet friendly places to stay, eat and more.

If you are flying:

  • Small pets may be allowed on board with you. Check with the airline before you purchase your tickets.
  • Make sure all health and immunization records are up to date and you have copies.
  • If your pet is older or has health problems you may want to consider hiring professional pet mover to drive them to your new destination.
  • If you have a large pet it may be more cost effective to ship them by ground via a pet moving service. The cost of their plane ticket is usually based on the size and weight of their crate with them in it.
  • If your large pet must be crated, determine if it will be on the same flight as you. Not all airlines ship animals. You may have to coordinate what will happen if they get there before or after you arrive.There are federal guidelines protecting your animal’s well-being which may prevent them from boarding if the weather is too extreme (too hot or cold). This could prevent your pet from arriving at the same time as you.
  • Be aware if you are moving internationally some countries require your pet to be quarantined for a period of time upon arrival to prevent the transmission of diseases.

If you are planning on hiring a professional pet mover, Mesa Moving can recommend the names of reputable partners, plus the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association ( is a good resource to find the right pet shipper for you. Mesa wants you and your pets to enjoy the experience of moving! Reach out to us if you want to learn more.