Moving overseas can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Once you know it’s happening, there’s a lot to take care of—getting passports, obtaining visas, and finding a new home (often sight unseen). But once all the arrangements have been made, you still have to account for getting your family and your possessions to their faraway destination. And while getting people there usually only takes a plane ride or two, shipping your belongings is a little more complicated.

MESA FIDI AccreditedThat’s where our international moving services come in. You may only move across national boundaries once or twice in your life, which means you may not have the expertise you need to ensure a smooth transition. Mesa International Moving, however, do it hundreds or thousands of times throughout the year, giving them the connections, the know-how, and the experience necessary to minimize snags and unpleasant surprises along the way.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should hire a team of professional movers to help you send your property to where it needs to be, let us help you find a solution. Below are three areas where international moving services will make your life easier and make the process a lot less painful for you and your family.

Shipping Your Freight

Not many people outside of the shipping industry are aware of this but sending more than a single box-worth of items is a bit of a process, even within national boundaries. That’s because it takes a lot of manual labor and machine power to do the job and there’s a lot of paperwork management that goes with it.

Things only get more complicated when shipping to a foreign country because there’s usually a change in transportation methods (typically from freight truck to ocean barge). The companies that handle the cargo change several times during the process and each company must be vetted to determine who’s worth trusting with your things. What’s more, getting things where they need to be, requires contacting and scheduling with each of those companies. It’s quite the ordeal.

With Mesa International Moving services, though, you have your chosen, trustworthy management team pick up your belongings and take them to the transfer point. They handle all of the coordination and logistics and only work with preferred companies they trust so they can make sure your possessions arrive safely and on time.

Getting Through Customs

Part of the difficulty with shipping internationally is that your possessions have to go through customs. If this step is done improperly, you could be waiting several months or more for your things to arrive. What’s more, if you ship something that’s prohibited by customs at the other end, it can cause all kinds of complications and hardship.

Using Mesa International Moving services means having a team by your side that will help you with all the paperwork, and get all of the necessary arrangements made. They can even advise you on what can and can’t be shipped, helping you avoid fees, penalties, and delays.

Loading and Unloading

Perhaps most importantly, working without professional moving services means you have to find your own way to load and unload cargo at every junction. From putting things on the first truck and getting things on the ship to unloading them in your new home, all of that work has to be done or organized by you.

With the right moving services at your disposal, you’ll have helping hands each step of the way. This means that all you really have to worry about is packing and unpacking. Considering all the other things you have to worry about, it’s a significant burden off of your shoulders.

Moving internationally can be quite a challenge but it doesn’t have to be impossible. All you need is the right international moving services team working for you and everything will work out smoothly. For more information on how to make your life easier during this exciting change, contact Mesa Moving & Storage today.

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