Recently in this space, we went over some of the important details for business owners and managers to consider while moving the office within the same building. This is one of two general templates for an office move – as you may have already guessed, the other is an office move to a completely new building, which involves a few different details and approaches that must be taken.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re happy to help with a wide range of commercial moving services in Boise and many other areas, including for offices that are planning a move from one building to another. If you’re in this position and looking to make the move as seamless and low-hassle as possible – plus limit costs – here are some general tips, both for in-office preparation and for elements of your move outside moving professionals will be happy to assist you with.

moving Boise office buildingEarly Planning and Research

Like with any major move to any new location, you should begin your planning steps with plenty of time to spare before the move actually happens. There are several details to attend to here, from dividing up tasks to determining specific schedules – for larger office spaces, the simple logistics of moving many workstations to a new location will also play a major role.

One key component that’s beneficial to office moves: Appointing an in-house “move manager” who will oversee the move from a company standpoint. An administrative assistant or someone in a similar position is often a good choice here, though this will depend on your business type. This individual will work with both in-house employees and movers to map out the entire move process, keeping everyone on schedule and ensuring that various tasks are done in the proper sequence.

Another important piece of research, one that should generally be done near the start of any move plans: Partnering up with a high-quality moving company. Research and receive quotes from at least two or three moving services to see which will be best for you, plus utilize Google reviews and other online tools to get a good idea of the reputation of the company you’re working with.

Assign Tasks

Speaking of tasks, while the move manager and your professional movers will handle the bulk of an office move to a new location, this does not mean other employees have no responsibility here. For instance, many large offices that are making such a move will require individual employees to pack up their own belongings and move them – everything but the desk itself is their responsibility in some cases.

And in some cases, you can extend the responsibility even further. While you should be careful not to take employees away from their daily responsibilities for too long at once, asking them to assist with a few tasks here or there – whether it’s pre-move organization, cleanup or organizing common areas – is not unreasonable. However, all such responsibilities should be clearly communicated to employees from the start, and never sprung on them as a surprise.

Tech Areas

One particular area that deserves its own section here is tech and IT equipment, from computers and laptops to modems, servers, phones and possibly several others. If you have a dedicated IT department, at least one employee within it should be interfacing with the move manager and your professional movers to ensure any tech equipment is disconnected and moved properly, without risk of damage.

New Building Rules and Regulations

Before anything is moved into the new location, and especially before you actually take possession of the new space and employees begin coming to work, it’s vital to know all the rules and regulations for the new building. Many of these speak to the move itself – there might be restrictions on the times or days where you can move, or you may have to make a special request here, such as reserving elevators or the loading dock It’s very important to attend to these matters before the move, as otherwise you risk running into move-day issues you were not prepared for.

Labeling and Fit

Labeling boxes and equipment is important for any move, but even more so for moves from a building to a completely different one. Boxes will go in moving trucks and may be staged in multiple locations throughout the move –. But if everything is labeled and organized properly, moving each item to its final destination won’t be a concern at all.

Down similar lines, there may be situations where you need to take some measurements and confirm fit of items in the new location. Any questionable dimensions should be verified during the pre-move planning stage. A Mesa Commercial Move Consultant will be happy to help, as space planning in the new location is very important and eliminates surprises on moving day.

Address Change

Typically handled by the move manager, it’s important not to forget about putting in address change orders when you move. These encompass everything from business cards and envelopes to company letterhead, return labels, incoming mail and more. In addition, be sure to update all your clients on the change, especially any who might be sending you mail or packages.

Say Thanks

Finally, as we touched on the above, the office move process from one building to another will likely add at least a bit of strain to your employees. To eliminate disruption of your employees, hire the fast, efficient Commercial Moving Team at Mesa. We can streamlinecomplex relocation projects, and assist employees settle in the first day in their new office space.

If employees did have to put in some extra time and go beyond their normal responsibilities to help out, say thanks! Throw an office-warming party or something similar once the move is complete, for starters; you might even consider giving employees who were heavily involved in the move a half-day or even a full day off.

For more on moving from one office building to another, or to learn about any of our commercial moving services in Boise or other areas, speak to the helpful staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.