Moving_Tip_Tv_BoxesMoney saving moving tip from Mesa! When it comes to moving a flat screen TV, our customers are usually surprised and frustrated at the cost to transport such an over-sized and delicate item from state to state. Mesa is here to share this simple suggestion! When you purchase your new TV, save the box that it came in! Without the box made specifically for the TV, moving companies will usually require the it be crated – which costs between $175 – $250 per flat screen. As you can imagine, this can add up quickly if you have 2-3 TV’s you want to transport. By simply saving the TV carton with the protection pieces inside, this can amount to a huge cost savings – and less hassle for your upcoming move.

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This money saving tips is brought to you by Duke Wortman, Relocation Consultant, Mesa Moving and Storage – Grand Junction, Colorado.

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