Are you planning on moving? Do you find yourself without moving assistance? The details can be overwhelming. Moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. When you are moving because of a job change, the stress seems worse. The strain on a partner or family is tough. They may need additional help with the move. Mesa is here to provide needed personalized moving assistance.

There are more important things to worry about besides movers coming to your home. Let Mesa handle it. Moving should be a good experience. Mesa’s goal is to make moving easier. We know what it takes to make it successful.

Mobility Concierge

A Mesa relocation professional, experienced in over-seeing the move process. Offered not only to Mesa’s corporate clients but to residential customers. Anyone needing more hands-on-deck during a move. The Mesa Mobility Concierge sees the big picture. Can handling all the minute details. The Mobility Concierge is the liaison between you and the movers. Whether the move is serviced by Mesa Moving and Storage or another moving company.

It is the Mesa way to go above and beyond to make a move great. Thus, the moving assistance of a Mobility Concierge. This trusted individual is on-site packing and moving day. Can also be at the new residence on delivery day. Ensuring everything goes as planned. As stated on our website:

“If requested, the Mobility Concierge can be onsite at the home in the city of origin and destination to monitor and coordinate all aspects of the move. This specialized service is highly recommended for anyone who requires extra personal attention and the highest level of move management for their situation.”

Moving Assistance For You

Mesa’s Mobility Concierge Program offers moving assistance for corporate relocations or individual residential moves. Managing details. Making sure it goes as smooth as possible. That is the Mesa way.

Do you have a special need that requires additional help during your move? Mesa’s professional personalized help makes moving easier. Focus on the new chapter in your life. Let us handle the rest.

For more information or to request a Mobility Concierge contact Heather Anderson, National Account Team Manager

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