Simply by being human we know how hard it is to be conscientious of treating the earth with care. There are so many easier, cheaper and faster solutions available to us that the consequences our choices have on the planet are often secondary. Mesa keeps it green, even while moving.

How Mesa Keeps It Green

Here at Mesa Moving & Storage we made a commitment to help our planet and the people on it by reducing our carbon footprint. We invest in green moving materials which are reusable, recyclable, and made from recycled material. This helps reduce landfill waste.

In our business, we see a lot of unwanted or outdated equipment and furniture that could still be useful if found a new home. Mesa Moving & Storage keeps it green by partnering with local agencies and vendors to place or properly dispose of end-of life assets.

It’s hard to imagine moving without boxes. That is why we purchase boxes made from post-consumer recycled material, reuse boxes until they are no longer strong enough to hold content, and recycle boxes once their structure is compromised.

As a proud member of the EPA’s Smartway Program, Mesa Moving & Storage is working hard to assess hauling activities and make better choices to reduce gas emissions.

We pledge to continue Green Moving on Earth Day and every day.