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To answer this question immediately, yes. Truck driving is a good career choice—there are just too many benefits to ignore. Of course, you must have the right mindset and expectations going in to get the most out of the experience. 

We’ve listed the pros and cons of choosing truck driving as a career to make sense of it all. By the end, you should know if it’s the path you want to take for your future.

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Types of Truck Driving Careers

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all truck driving careers are the same. There are different types of good truck driving careers you can choose, like:

  • Auto hauler
  • Delivery
  • Dry van hauler
  • Flatbed hauler
  • Freight hauler
  • General freight driver
  • Ice road trucker
  • Long-haul truck driver
  • Mining industry driver
  • Business or residential mover
  • Oversized load hauler
  • Owner/operator
  • Private fleet transporter
  • Refrigerated hauler
  • Small load hauling
  • Tanker hauler
  • Team driver

Pros of Truck Driving as a Career

There are a number of pros to being a truck driver, but we’ll just mention a few.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

There are many job openings for truck drivers, and the expectation is that the need will only grow because of high freight demand, supply chain issues, and a shortage of drivers.

Having the chance to move up the career ladder is also very likely. There are numerous opportunities available, like advancing from a local position to a regional, obtaining extra endorsements (like hazmat), or moving into a trainer role.

Good Pay

You’re met with money before you even get in the door of a good truck driving career. Signing bonuses, paid training, and quality incentives are plentiful from licensing schools and employers. 

Once you’re driving professionally, you can expect annual bonuses and high pay that grows by the year. Additionally, the benefits packages are comprehensive.

Be Your Own Boss

One of the main reasons people go into truck driving is because they love the idea of owning and operating their own rig. You set your own schedule and hauling prices when you’re the boss. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself and your customers. 

Yes, it takes discipline and hard work to own a business. But the benefits of providing meaningful work and earning a lot of money can far outweigh the responsibilities.  

See America from Your Front Seat

Many people choose this career path because of the allure of the open road. You’ll drive through world-class cities, over the mountains, and through the woods, and up and down. Seeing the country is a big perk of the job. 

You’ll also get to know America face-to-face by getting to know its people. Meeting fascinating acquaintances from all walks of life is one of the most interesting things you’ll do during your stops. For sure, you’ll find friends for life and an on-road family.

Cons of Truck Driving as a Career

As with any job, there are some cons to consider. 

Long Hours 

Depending on the type of truck driving career, you’re likely looking at long hours away from home. Long-haul CDL/A class truck drivers may work up to 70 hours over an 8-day period. This typically works out to 11+ hours of driving per day after having 10 consecutive hours off. Local drivers may be looking at a flexible schedule. 

On a positive note, the trend in trucking is moving toward shortening the drive time that’s spent away from home. The reason is to better accommodate those who want to choose this career path but are concerned about sacrificing family time.

Employee Quote: “Good workplace. You work a lot of hours, but it’s great money.”

Lack of Variety

There aren’t a lot of different duties truck drivers perform other than driving, totaling about 500 miles per day for long-haulers. But there may be a bit more variety than you’d assume. 

For example, truckers may:

  • Inspect their vehicle for mechanical and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance.
  • Plan routes and delivery schedules. 
  • Collect and verify delivery instructions.
  • Load and unload their freight.
  • Document work hours, rest periods, miles driven, and fuel/toll receipts.
  • Report freight defects, road accidents, and legal violations.

Employee Quote: “Helpful workplace that allows you to grow and receive new experiences. Very friendly place to work at and very fun. Keeps you busy and always on your toes. Works with you if you need days off.

High Barrier to Entry

Getting the proper training and license is the biggest barrier to beginning a career as a truck driver. 

Really, though, it only takes about 3–4 weeks to complete. Often your future employer will pay for that training, or at least pay for your time while taking the training course. Once you’ve got the license you need, getting hired quickly is almost a guarantee. 

Employee Quote: “What is the interview process? It was really quick and one of the most relaxed I’ve ever done.” 

Mesa Moving Can Train You for a Good Truck Driving Career

Driving for Mesa Moving places you on an upward career path with great opportunities to be your own boss and even build your own team. 

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  • Long haul operations [are] the best part of the company. Management was great. I learned new skills and was in charge of many projects. The workplace culture was one where the employees loved coming to work every day.

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