The Worst and Best Time to Move

Mesa Moving residential moversResidential moving can be one of the most complicated and involved processes that we must prepare for in life. From selling a home and buying a house in a new home community, to sorting through and packing up all our things, the entire moving experience is a lot to think about. Planning ahead and selecting the best time to move can help make it a great moving experience. To do that, though, you need to be aware the worst and best times to move.

What Factors Make it the Worst or Best Time to Move?

First of all, what goes into determining the right time for residential moving? There are a variety of factors. A major one is the weather. It is certainly easier to move all your things in more pleasant weather. Snow and ice make local moving difficult in winter, while scorching heat can drain you in the middle of summer.

Another factor is family. It can be hard to move during the school year if it means moving with children and transferring to new schools in the middle of the year. Moving during the holidays can also be difficult with all the other things going on such as travel and family events.

Finally, there is understanding when moving help availability. Moving companies and storage facilities have their peak season and slower times that make moving more difficult or more convenient, respectively. These fluctuations range from the time of year, time of month, right down to the days of the week.

The Worst Time to Move

Research shows, the worst time for residential moving tends to be the summer months. Typically, May through September more than 60% of the millions of Americans that move each year plan to make it happen when school is out for the summer. Weekends are the most difficult in terms of moving companies’ availability plus the summer heat can be unbearable. If it’s absolutely necessary to pick the worst time to move, hire residential moving services months in advance so your date(s) will be locked in.

The Best Time to Move

The best time to hire residential movers tends to be between September and April, excluding the holiday weeks. For the greatest ease of moving, a weekday in March or October would combine the best weather with the availability of professional help, perfect combination for a good customer experience.

Put thought into determining the ideal time of year for your move, and then contact Mesa Moving & Storage months in advance. Together we can lock in the best time to move you to your new home. Contact us today. Your move is closer than you think.

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