For those who are planning to move their business within the same office building, what are some of the specific preparation steps and approaches you should be taking even if it might seem like a no brainer?

considerations same-building office movesPlanning

While there are certain elements of a same-building move that will be a bit simpler than moves to a separate location, that does not mean you can simply eschew advanced planning. In fact, we can’t tell you how many same-building moves we’ve seen torpedoed by poor or no advanced planning, which leads to a haphazard move that doesn’t consider placement, moving order and other important elements.

On the flip side, some very simple preparation will ensure you and everyone else involved in the move is ready to go. Go over all the important major components that will be moved, plus whether there are any restrictions or issues that require certain items to be moved before or after others. If possible, try to schedule out some of the basic steps of the move in a way that will be easy for employees to both understand and comply with – having employee buy-in during the days and weeks leading up to a move is very important, and will help the process go smoothly.


If at all possible, try to schedule the same-building move outside your normal office hours. Weekend moves are ideal, or there might be availability for evening moves in many cases. You don’t have to disrupt your daily operations for the move, particularly for one where the actual distances being covered aren’t too significant.

If you do have to schedule the move during office hours, this should be planned for. Employees should be given notice, and anyone whose workflow will be interrupted should be given some leeway as far as their responsibilities.


It pays to select someone within your company who has a bit of extra time to oversee the move and its details. This can be an office manager in some cases, though this person will often have a relatively full plate already – if there are other employees with slightly lower workloads, and who are good at organizing projects, you might put them in charge instead.

This sort of role assignment solves two issues: For one, it ensures all the important details of the move are covered. For another, it does so without interrupting daily workflow for multiple employees – in situations where no move manager is arranged, companies often end up with several management figures all trying to coordinate the move separately, and everyone’s time is wasted.

In some cases, including for particularly large offices, you might consider hiring an outside move manager..


In addition to our move management services, there are several other major benefits that come with involving professional movers. While some might assume that a same-building move doesn’t require professional assistance, this couldn’t be further from the truth – in fact, professional movers offer precisely the kind of experience and organizational acumen that can turn a haphazard office move into an organized, straightforward process.

One of the specialties within office moves, for instance, is disassembling and reassembling workstations or other heavy items, a task that often needs to be done dozens or even hundreds of times for larger offices.


Finally, it’s important to remember to make the proper notifications when moving. Naturally, you will need to speak to your building manager in advance to arrange a same-building move, and they need to be apprised of your precise timing and other details. If you’re moving during business hours, you may have to arrange elevator or stair access, or may have to take preventive measures like placing Masonite on the floor to protect from scratches. In addition, be sure to notify any clients or other business entities who might be impacted by the move.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re happy to offer comprehensive commercial moving services that go well beyond simply packing up items from one location to another. Our commercial move solutions include move management, installation of new items, asset liquidation and recycling, commercial storage and several other resources that will allow you to perform a comprehensive move quickly and affordably – and without interrupting the operations of your business. For more helpful information contact Mesa Moving and Storage.