If you are preparing for a long-distance move, you are probably already considering the logistics of your upcoming endeavor.

Moving across the country poses a variety of unique challenges, many of which you don’t often experience with an in-town move. These endeavors can also cost more than local moves. In an attempt to mitigate the costs of a long-distance move, you might be considering a do-it-yourself move – but is that the best approach for your situation?

Long-distance movers cost vs. DIYPros & Cons of Long-Distance DIY Moves

If you pack your own boxes, load them into a rental truck and head off across the country, you will be free to do everything on your own time. You can do things your way, and your stuff will never be out of your sight.

Not to mention, your only cost will be the truck rental, gas and tolls. Right?

If you consider what your time is worth, you’re looking at many hours of packing, loading and driving. You’re also facing the potential of getting hurt (or getting friends or family members injured, if you’ve recruited them to help). Consider the possibility that the rental truck is no longer available on the day you need it. Or the rental truck you were expecting to pick up is now twice as big. You’ll need to realistic about being able to safely drive the truck.

There is always the risk of a rental breaking down on the highway. Who do you call? Can it be fixed? How long will it delay your move?

Unless it’s a one-day drive, you’re also looking at having to stop and spend the night somewhere – and that means added costs for lodging. That’s also where you face one of the greatest risks of a DIY move. Opportunistic criminals target hotel and motel parking lots along the interstate, watching for unsuspecting victims. They can have the lock off your truck or trailer in a heartbeat and make off with all your worldly possessions while you sleep. Unless you purchase insurance (or have special coverage through your own insurer), losses from theft or accidental damage might not be covered.

Pros & Cons of Professional Long-Distance Movers

The biggest benefit of using a professional mover is that you don’t have to do all the hard work and heavy lifting yourself. Movers have multi-levels of insurance so, if something breaks along the way, you’re covered. Movers keep your possessions safe and secure, and many can even provide climate-controlled storage if you need it.

Although you might think, upon getting a quote from a moving company, that the overall cost is higher than what you face with a DIY move. That might not be true once you add up all the other factors mentioned above.

In fact, many DIY movers report that, when all is said and done, they actually spent more doing the job themselves than they were quoted from a moving company.

Which Option Should You Choose?

Obviously, the right choice for you will depend on your situation. If you have few possessions or you aren’t moving too far, you might ultimately be better off handling the job yourself.

Before you make any decisions, however, take advantage of the free moving quote offered by most moving and storage companies. You can get answers to all your questions and learn more about how using a professional mover can make your long-distance move safe, secure and affordable.