Travel the World on a Budget

School is starting to wind down and with the onset of summer. I can see all the fresh Pinterest travel boards of my friends. The photos of these far off places are stunning and whimsical. But can trips like that actually be pulled off without racking up huge debt? Absolutely.

Save Money for Travel

First tip is pretty obvious. Find where you can save money. Does your school or your community organizations have scholarships available to you? Millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unused every year. A little bit of research and effort could fund your trip to Rome. Take a look at budgeting apps to see where you can cut a bit bank for savings (also being financially responsible is a great habit to fall into). Look at side jobs that could help earn quick cash. Donating blood plasma, tutoring, or participating in a university study are all really easy ways to make some fast money. It might not seem to help at first, but $20 adds up quickly (especially when it goes straight to the piggy bank.) Check with Mesa Moving. They may be hiring part-time movers and packers for evening or weekend work.

MesDiscover Discounts

Check out what student discounts are available to you. So many organizations want to help you save money, just search around for discounts that would be useful. From the grocery store, to clothes, to haircuts. All that money saved can go straight to Rome. Another thing to look into is getting an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It is valid in over 130 countries and helps with lots of discounts overseas. So when you book that flight, or get public transportation, the ISIC card can help you get benefits anywhere.


Look at connections. Do your family or friends have contacts in the country you want to go? Maybe you have family or friends who live there. If you can lean on someone you already know it can make things easier (and possibly cheaper if they have a couch you can surf on).

Be Realistic

Ok, so maybe you have a job, you’re saving, and you have scholarships but it still isn’t enough. Maybe it’s time to look at where you want to go critically. Is your heart really set on a fancy European city? Or do you just want to travel? Central America or Southeast Asia can get your dollar a lot farther. Be willing to compromise. As awesome as a private hotel room is, a hostel is a a great budget friendly option. Do you want to eat out every night? Or are you ok with going to the local market and cooking at “home”? These are the type of questions you have to ask and be honest with yourself. It is ok if you had your heart set on something – but it’s good to be honest with yourself on what you actually want from your trip.

Hopefully these tips help and can set you on your way to go see the world. Mesa would love to see pics from your journey. If you have some cool travel photos tag IG @mesa_movingandstorage_slc and let us see how you are moving and shaking the world.

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