Without a doubt, the death of a relative is exhausting in countless ways. Alongside the emotional toll of the loss, families are tasked with getting the deceased’s affairs in order. This can include the sudden inheritance of goods, or perhaps even an entire estate. These inherited belongings are often both sentimental and valuable.

Unfortunately, life’s stressors do not stop when a loved one dies. Perhaps you recently started a new job or moved out of state. Maybe you’re recovering from a difficult surgery or experiencing health issues. Unexpectedly inheriting a large quantity of items — many of which might be in boxes or need to be sorted — can cause an incredible amount of stress. This process can be particularly time-consuming and emotionally draining in the midst of deep grief.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we are happy to remove a portion of that burden from your plate. By moving and storing your inherited items, you receive one of the most valuable and rare gifts a person can have in a crisis: time. You will have more time to breathe, process, and make important phone calls or shipping arrangements.

Keep Your Inherited Belongings Safe and Secure

two movers putting boxed inherited belongings in a moving truck

Perhaps your inheritance contains fragile antiques, art, or priceless family photos. Our professional movers will carefully transport these to a temperature-controlled warehouse storage space. There, we will keep your goods secure in one location for as long as you need. Numerous circumstances may prevent you from sorting through your inherited items immediately. This is especially relevant if you live out of state.

With all inherited goods safe and accounted for, you will have ample time to contact family and plan the next steps. There’s no need to rush straight from the stress of funeral planning into going over the estate.

Give Yourself Time to Clear Space in Your Home

How to Sort Through Inherited Belongings Without Rushing

Perhaps you know exactly what you’ve inherited, but you need to rearrange your home before you can accommodate the items. For example, while you may cherish your inherited dining set, clearing space for it may cause unnecessary stress during a crisis. We will be happy to move and store it for you until you are ready and able to move it into your home.

We Are Up to the Task and Ready to Help

How to Sort Through Inherited Belongings Without Rushing

At Mesa Moving and Storage, no move is too daunting. We will provide you and your family with compassionate, efficient service every step of the way. We will be happy to figure out the best course of action to transport and store your inherited belongings safely.

Reserve Your Storage Space in Advance

How to Sort Through Inherited Belongings Without Rushing

Unlike DIY self-storage, we move and store your inherited goods for you. This means you will need to reserve your vaulted storage. Also, schedule a moving crew in advance to ensure a seamless move.

Please contact us to reserve your spot today, or to get answers to any questions. You can also call (866) 558-4371 to request a free quote. Click here to learn more about other residential storage and moving services we provide. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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