The holidays are a joyous occasion for many homeowners. Once the season ends, their families have the hard challenge of packing and storing up their beloved ornaments. In this guide, you’ll learn how to unpack your holiday ornaments safely. We’ll teach you how to protect these collectibles in storage from damage.

Create a Plan to Store Your Ornaments

Once the holidays end, develop a strategy to prepare your ornaments for long-term storage. When you store your decorations correctly, it will protect them from damage. It will also protect fragile ones, like ceramic angels and holiday heirlooms, that need special protection. Your plan can also help you organize your ornaments properly.

For instance, labeled boxes can help you find tree lights, tinsel, and other decorations quickly during future seasons. In the following section, you’ll learn several tips to help you get started packing.

Purchase Your Packing Supplies

You’ll need the right supplies to protect your holiday ornament from damage. First, stop by a department store and buy the following packing supplies.

  • Permanent marker or label maker
  • Packing tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Box dividers
  • Ziploc bags
  • Cardboard tubing
  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Standard plastic wrap
  • Boxes (cardboard, plastic, and specialty)

Discard Damaged Ornaments

It’s time to inspect your ornaments for damage after you buy your packing supplies. You shouldn’t put broken items into long-term storage. They have cracks and sharp edges that can pierce your skin. Broken decorations can also attract pests. Throw these items away into a trash bag. When handling broken ornaments, wear a sturdy pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Do you have a broken heirloom ornament? You can have someone repair these items before placing them into storage.

How to Pack Your Holiday Ornaments

Once you’ve sorted through your ornaments, you’re ready to pack and store your items. In this section, you’ll learn several tips to pack and protect nine types of ornaments.

  • Artificial Trees – You can store your tree inside a plastic storage bin. Before packing, place the smallest screws into Ziploc bags. You can store large limbs in large trash bags, then close them shut with Ziploc bags.
  • Food Decor – It is never a good idea to food items long term because it can spoil. Throw out all decor that contains food, and box them up. Remove all candy from holiday stockings and throw out ornaments made from food.
  • Holiday Ornaments – The manufacturer’s original packaging has in-box dividers to keep your ornaments in place. They also help to optimize space because they are stackable. Wrap each ornament with tissue paper and air-filled plastic cushions to protect these items. Use a separate bin to store these ornaments, then seal it shut with a lid. Label these boxes. You can store glitter-covered ornaments in sealed bags to prevent them from spreading sparkles.
  • Wrapping Paper– You can use long plastic bins to store your unused wrapping paper. Most department stores sell wrapping paper bins that can house these items. Place all unused paper onto cardboard tubing, then place this material into the box.
  • Wreaths – Don’t throw away the box your wreath came. You can use it for storage in the future. If it didn’t have one, store it inside of a specialty box. You can also use a plastic bin designed for wreath storage.
  • Holiday Linens – Clean your towels and linens before you store them. Wash away any stains and dirt, then fold these settings and place them into plastic bags. Box and label your linens.
  • Holiday Dish Sets – Individually wrap each plate with packing paper. Once you finish, stack each one on top of one another. For stemmed glasses, you may use air-filled cushions or plastic peanuts to protect them from breaking. Cardboard dividers are another splendid solution to protect fragile stemmed holiday glasses and store them separately.
  • Ceramic Village Homes – You can store these items in wide boxes. Avoid stacking them on top of one another because the weight can cause them to break. You can use packing paper or peanuts to fill in any spaces in your boxes.
  • Inflatable Holiday Yard Ornaments – Fold these items, then wind their electrical cords around them carefully. You may place them in separate plastic bags, then store these items together in a single box. If you own a holiday figure that doesn’t fold, use an electrical cord and string to secure it.

Consider Renting Storage Space

After you’re finished packing your ornaments, use a broom or vacuum to clean your storage space. You may pick up any debris inside the room and throw it away. Once you’re finished, use a duster to clean windows and boxes.

If you don’t have extra space in your home, consider using a storage facility for your items. These facilities will not only free up extra space within your home. They will also protect your ornaments from pest-related damage that can occur in your home.

Mesa Moving & Storage has sanitary warehouse storage solutions that can protect your valuables year-round. For details, contact one of our friendly moving team members today.