Your home gym is essential to maintaining your health and fitness and your daily routine revolves around it. Now you’re relocating and that means you need to get all of your home gym equipment to your new place. The problem is, everything is big, bulky, and awkward to handle. Mesa Moving and Storage specializes in transporting home gym equipment, large and small for your residential move, so we understand. Leave the heavy lifting to us, but to make your move easier and smoother, there are a few things you can do to prepare your gym for the move.

Organize Small Equipment

The best way to prepare to move your home gym is to start by organizing the small stuff. Hand weights, medicine balls, yoga blocks, and other small workout equipment is easier to move in groups. Free weights are heavy, so sorting weight sizes is vital so the boxes can be lifted. Don’t worry too much though, our packing and moving experts are here to help. We’ll pack similar equipment in strong, sturdy boxes, carefully labeling them, and transporting them to your new gym location so unpacking is a snap.

Prepare Larger Gym Equipment

After all the small items are out of the way, it’s time to prepare the larger pieces of gym equipment for their trip. Be careful. Equipment can be heavy, awkward, and even dangerous to move by yourself. Don’t try. You can, however, get your equipment ready to move. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for instructions on how to take care of each piece of equipment you own. A few things you can do include:

Stationary Bicycle

To prevent injuries and damage to your stationary bicycle, simply secure any moving parts using a bungee cord. If your bike is electric, unplug it from the wall and carefully coil the cord. Secure the cord using a zip tie and affix the cord to the body of the bicycle with tape and let us take it from there.


This is another pretty simple machine to prepare. Just unplug it from the wall and prepare the cord by coiling it and securing it with a zip tie. Tape the cord to the base of the treadmill so it’s out of the way. Fold the treadmill down if you can and secure it using zip ties and tape. We’ll make sure it gets there safe.

Elliptical Machine

These are some of the most difficult, and awkward, pieces of home gym equipment. In some cases, it’s best to simply take the machine apart, pack it up, and reassemble it at the new gym. Other times, the machine can be moved intact by moving professionals who know what they’re doing.

Weightlifting Machines

Because of their bulk and size, weightlifting machines, bars, and weights are a real challenge to move. The only real way to move them is to dismantle them, which takes practice. We’ll take everything apart, save all the fasteners, screws, and parts, and pack it all up. Then, we’ll put it all back together in your new home gym.

Seamlessly Maintain Your Workouts

Moving can be stressful, physically and emotionally exhausting, and a bit scary. We know that everything seems a little better when you’re surrounded by the things you love and need. That’s where we come in. We’ll do all the hard work so that when you arrive in your new home, ready to begin a new chapter in your life, your home gym will be ready to support your health and fitness needs.

We Make Moving Your Home Gym Easy

When it comes to moving heavy home gym equipment, Mesa Moving and Storage is the name to remember. Our personalized moving services include expert packing, protecting, handling, and the transportation of your gym equipment to your new home. Contact us to receive a quote for relocating your furniture, valuables, and home gym equipment.