Moving to another country is challenging for most people, but it’s much tougher during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do you have to decide what items to bring and leave behind; you must also keep yourself and others safe from the virus.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete a safe, international move during the pandemic.

What Is COVID-19?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus strain that scientists haven’t identified before in human beings. Although coronaviruses are common, this virus isn’t the same as those that cause mild respiratory illnesses like the common cold.

This coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets and small particulates found in aerosol sprays when a person sneezes, coughs, or breathes. People can become infected when they inhale these germs or accidentally touch their eyes or mouths.

Current CDC COVID-19 Protocols

The CDC has released several guidelines to help reduce infection rates in the United States. The organization says that COVID-19 primarily spreads through asymptomatic carriers. These individuals can transmit the virus to others before they show symptoms.

The federal agency also recommends individuals protect themselves by practicing social distancing, or physical distancing, to defend themselves from the virus. Additionally, limit the time you spend around other people outside your household. Don’t gather for meet ups, parties, and holiday celebrations in private homes or public settings.

Scientists also recommend wearing a snugly fitting mask around the face. Masks provide additional protection from infection.

After close contact with other people, always wash your hands with hot, soapy water. Hand sanitizers, with a concentration of 75 percent alcohol, can also kill the coronavirus.

Mesa Moving Follows COVID-19 Protocols for International Moves

Mesa Moving and Storage Company takes the coronavirus pandemic seriously. We value our customers’ safety and have implemented the following rules:

  • We offer the option of virtual surveys instead of at-home consultations.
  • Our company follows local, federal, and international guidelines concerning coronavirus.
  • We train our employees to adhere to COVID-19 protocols passed by the Centers for Disease Control and international agencies.
  • We require our employees to wear masks and gloves while working.
  • Our company conducts routine environmental cleanings to sanitize frequently sanitize surfaces within our workplaces, trucks, and equipment.
  • To keep you safe, we also require all employees showing signs of acute respiratory illness to stay home until they are symptom-free without medication.

These practices will ensure your move overseas will be a safe and healthy one.

Research the Nation’s Coronavirus Restrictions Before You Move

Nations have passed different regulations to protect their citizens from COVID-19. Before you move overseas, research your target country’s coronavirus laws to understand which ones you must follow.

For instance, a foreign government may require you to quarantine for several weeks after your arrival. If you don’t comply with their laws, you could pay fines or serve a prison sentence. Some countries may revoke your passport.

Skylar Mack, a Georgia pre-med student, learned this the hard way. During a trip to the Cayman Islands, she broke their quarantine protocol to jet ski with her boyfriend. The courts recently sentenced her to a four-month prison sentence.

You can research this information by visiting the nation’s consulate site or calling them directly. The U.S. State Department also has information about different COVID-19 rules other nations have enacted.

Remember, these regulations will vary depending on each country’s approach to fighting the virus. Some places may require you to quarantine for several days after you arrive. Others may ask you to get routinely tested for the virus before and after you enter.

Is It a Good Time to Move?

Some people must move because their employer has transferred them, or the military has stationed them in another country. If you have a choice, consider whether moving overseas is the best option for you right now.

You may need to reconsider your move if you have a higher chance of developing severe COVID-19. Although the virus can infect anyone, some individuals have an elevated risk. These groups include:

  • Senior citizens (60 years and older)
  • People with pre-existing conditions (diabetes, cancer, asthma, obesity, etc.)
  • Immunocompromised people
  • Pregnant women.

If you belong to a high-risk group and can postpone moving, consider doing so until infection rates drop.

Determine How Long Will You Stay

Not every person moves overseas for the same amount of time. Perhaps you’re moving overseas because you want a cultural experience in another country. Maybe you’re working for an international employer, or you’re a military member who has a lengthy tour overseas.

Whatever the reason, find out how long you’ll stay. It will help you determine how many items you must take overseas. For instance, if you’re only staying a few months, take your favorite belongings. These may include photographs, furniture, albums, and artwork to spruce up your home. You can take most of your belongings if it’s a permanent move.

One option you can consider is to leave your belongings with relatives or friends is another alternative option. Long-term storage facilities, like those at Mesa Moving and Storage locations, are convenient choices for people who plan to stay overseas longer.

Additional Fees and Restrictions

Some countries charge import fees and duty costs when you ship items overseas. They also have restrictions about what items they allow into the country. These items may include things like plants, flammable products, and animals.

Contact the nation’s consulate to find out which things you can import into their country. You can also get this information from their website.

Find Accommodations

You can contact a real estate agent and ask which homes are available in your budget range. They can even help you find different homes, apartments, and town homes in your price range.

If your company provides paid housing, you may receive corporate housing. You can ask your employer or floor plans and how many items to bring.

Only Book with Airlines and Hotels that Provide Free Cancellations

Most people will have to purchase an airline ticket or hotel room when they relocate to another country. When traveling internationally, only use companies that allow free cancellations and schedule changes. Some businesses charge fees to change your booking.

Others don’t offer refunds, so always ask about their cancellation policies before you book. It will prevent you from losing money if you have to make changes because of travel restrictions or illness later on.

Pack and Wipe Down Your Boxes One Day Before You Move

Coronavirus can stay on some surfaces for weeks. Even though our movers follow CDC protocols, you should still take your own precautions. Before you move, wipe down all furniture with a sanitizing cleaner. Pack your items, clean the boxes, then leave them untouched for 24 hours. It will ensure these boxes are clean when you move out.

Once you move into your new home, sanitize your items with another wipe. After you finish, wash your hands thoroughly, then use an alcohol-based sanitizer to kill any remaining germs.

What Should I Do if I’m Not Feeling Well Before Moving Day?

If you’re not feeling well, notify Mesa Moving and Storage immediately. It will alert us to any potential risks to our moving professionals. We’ll also work with you to reschedule your move if you cannot do it because of an illness.

Clean Your New Home After You Move In

Your new home will probably be clean by the time you move into it, but you shouldn’t still take a few moments to sanitize it. There is still a chance that it still harbors COVID-19 and other germs, no matter how well the previous owner cleaned it.

You may not be able to hire a cleaning crew since many countries have instituted lockdowns. After you move in, buy enough supplies to sanitize all surfaces, so you have enough supplies on hand.

Are you moving overseas soon? You can trust Mesa Moving and Storage to provide quality international moving services that abide by CDC regulations and international protocols. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.