As dependent as we all are on technology today, our households can be packed to overflowing with electronic devices.

Unfortunately, even with today’s technological advances, sensitive electronic components can be extremely fragile. If you’re planning a move, you will have to take extra care with your electronics, to ensure they reach your destination safely.

Protect your investment and help ensure your fragile electronics arrive safely with these pro tips from the Mesa Moving and Storage team.

Plan Ahead Before Packing

Consider the challenges you’ll face on the other end when you go to set up your computers, sound equipment, gaming consoles, etc. Carefully label or color-code cables and cords, and you’ll avoid a little bit of stress in the future. Use twist ties, cable ties, electrical tape, etc. to secure the cords. Finally, affix a label to each cord and cable, identifying the device it goes to. This way, if the cords get separated later, you can easily match everything back up correctly.

Pack Each Device Individually

No matter how tempted you might be to pack all your laptops or stereo speakers into a single box, this is almost never a good idea.

Ideally, you kept the original boxes and packaging material for your devices and can use these containers for moving purposes. If you didn’t keep the original boxes (and, let’s face it, few of us actually do), you can purchase specific moving boxes for different types of devices from Mesa Moving and Storage. Include all cords, user manuals, receipts, etc., for each device in the same box.

Wrap Electronics Securely

The best padding and packing materials will depend on the device. However, using highly protective materials like anti-static bubble wrap or heavy moving blankets can provide maximum stability for electronics.

Don’t forget to secure the boxes, also. Use packing tape to secure all box seams, including the bottom and sides, if applicable.

Take Care with Box Labeling

It’s important to mark your electronics boxes. This helps ensure that movers treat them as fragile and that you can locate your devices when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re nervous about telling the world which boxes contain your most valuable electronics, you can use labels that are meaningful only to you. Alternatively, simply list the room you want the boxes placed in – and don’t forget to prominently affix a large “FRAGILE!” label or tag.

Control the Climate

Virtually all electronic devices can be damaged by temperature extremes, especially excessive heat. If you plan to move during the summer, talk to your mover about options for climate-controlled electronics storage and transport.

One of the best ways to protect your devices – and all your valuable possessions – is to trust your move to a professional moving company. Professional movers have the knowledge and experience to pack and move your electronics safely, giving you peace of mind and a stress-free experience.

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