Deciding to make a big change in your life is stressful. When this change involves moving your residence, you want to eliminate as many of the small worries as you can so that you can concentrate on the important things. After all, moving is one of the most stressful things someone can do. But something many homeowners don’t consider is what to do if you have an early move-out date and your new home isn’t move-in ready.

moving boxes ready to go into storage

It adds extra layers. Instead of moving from A to B, you’re adding at least one step in the middle (both for you and your furniture). You’re trying to keep costs low and make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Using a professional company like Mesa Moving and Storage for long-term home goods storage saves you time and the headache of organizing these logistics yourself.

Finding Household Goods Storage for an Early Move-Out Date

How to Manage an Early Move-Out Date Before Your New Home Is Ready

Using a storage company for long-term storage is an excellent choice. It’s like having extra space in the attic. Using it to store just about everything you own when you suddenly have an early move-out date is even more of a lifesaver. You’re going to need more than a couple of square feet. Even more importantly, you need to be sure that the household goods and furniture you’re storing is safe and secure. 

A good measure to take is to work with a company that has no public-facing access. This ensures that there’s more than a sliding door separating your carefully-packed boxes from whoever is going to walk by. With Mesa Moving, you need to schedule access to your vaulted storage instead of having DIY access. 

Another thing to look for is how much of the actual labor of storage is on you and your loved ones. When you’re moving from the old house to the new one, it’s just packing and unpacking once. But if there’s a storage step in the middle, then you have to play at least one extra game of Tetris. 

When you have help from experienced professionals, you’d be amazed at how smooth the process can be. So work with a knowledgeable Mesa Moving consultant to have a clear understanding of the services available. Also, get a realistic idea of what you can do yourself before your early move-out date. 

Organizing the Moving Day(s)

How to Manage an Early Move-Out Date Before Your New Home Is Ready

The logistics of having one moving day aren’t simple, whether you’re doing it privately or enlisting help from a company. Adding on multiple moving times because of an early move-out date can be even more challenging. You don’t want to work with multiple different companies or trust your antiques and valuables to non-professionals. This is where working with a company that helps with both household goods storage and moving is a lifesaver. You only have one point of contact that will coordinate it all. Are you furnishing a larger home and buying furniture before move-in day? If you have a comprehensive storage service, then you have a single place to store new belongings. Also, you don’t have to work out the logistics of the move. If you decide to keep things in storage after you move in, then you have an arrangement ready to go. 

Finding a Service

How to Manage an Early Move-Out Date Before Your New Home Is Ready

If you’re looking to find secure storage and a company that handles both moving and full-service storage, then we’re here to help. When you’re moving with this step in the middle, it’s hard to imagine relocating any other way. For a company that meets all your packing, moving, and storage needs, look into Mesa Moving and Storage. You can also contact us with any questions.

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