While rain is one of the last things any of us wants to see on a long-awaited moving day, the reality is that this is more of an inconvenience than a true problem. Certain elements of the move may become a bit more time-consuming, and you may have to take a few additional precautions and protection steps for some items, but rain alone should not be enough to torpedo an entire move.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re happy to help with numerous residential moving services throughout Denver and surrounding areas, including both local moves and long-distance moves. We’ve helped many clients complete their move despite lack of cooperation from Mother Nature, including those that take place on rainy days. Here are a few of the general tips we recommend to our clients if rain is in the forecast for a move.

handle rainy moving dayPre-Move Prep

If you think there’s a good chance of rain during the move, the first step is to take a couple extra preparation tactics you might not have otherwise. The first of these is to set aside some cleaning supplies and towels – you might normally have packed these as some of the last items to go in the moving truck, but for occasions like these, they should remain out in case you need to use them to mop up water.

In addition, to whatever degree possible, you should try to limit the distance between the moving truck and your front door. Make the path as short as possible so exposure to actual falling rain is limited.

Coverage and Wrapping

And when it comes time to actually transport items, there are a few protection tips to consider:

  • Wrapping and boxes: Utilize everything from standard boxes to trash bags or tarps to help keep materials dry while being moved.
  • Crates: For some, purchasing a few big plastic crates from a home improvement store is a great method – these have close-able lids and won’t risk water seepage in the same ways as cardboard.
  • Toweling off: Keep a stack of dry towels in the truck so you can dry off any items that become wet as they’ve moved in.

Floor Protection

Finally, because you and movers will be walking in the rain, it’s important to also protect the floors – both in your old and new locations. Keep floor mats on-hand for basic wiping, plus keep towels present in case water is tracked in. For larger moves, some people arrange a setup where both “indoor” and “outdoor” roles are determined ahead of time, meaning those who have wet feet aren’t tracking water in regularly. If Mesa is performing your residential move, protecting the floors is standard operating procedure.

For more on how to handle a move on a rainy day, or to learn about any of our residential moving services in Denver or surrounding areas, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.