The struggle is real when it comes to finding good apartment roommate. A person you can enjoy sharing a living space with, who also pays rent on time. Doing the dishes occasionally is god tier. However, it can be done. Whether you are the interviewer or interviewee- here are several ways you can move into a beautiful place, with a peace of mind.

Ask Your Friends

finding-a-good-roommateThe first thing is to ask around, check social media and see if any friends of friends are looking. It isn’t proof that your friend won’t be a nightmare roommate, but hopefully it can make the search process easier. Plus if it’s a friend or a mutual friend, they will at least be easy to get along with. Now there are some pitfalls to living with an established friend. Here is an easy set of questions to make sure you don’t get stuck living with someone you end up despising.

Money For Rent

Ask what they do for a living, it’s an easy way to see who is reliable and has a steady income. If they seem to jump around from place to place, or unemployed that might be a red flag. Double check to make sure that they can pay their rent on time. If you still have a weird gut feeling, listen to it. It will probably save you a headache later. If you are interviewing someone, make sure to be frank about the costs. Hidden costs, pet fees, parking passes. The roommate might be able to afford rent, but they won’t appreciate not knowing how much cash is required for the HOA.

Find a People Person

Ask about their last living situation. Did they have other roommates? If yes, ask if it is possible to contact old roommates for a reference. Was there any contention between the roommates? Find out why this person is now moving or on the hunt for a new roommate. If the potential roommate is unwilling to provide references (a red flag), there is also a credit score check. That will give a very easy answer on if someone at least pays rent on time. Although even if they have good credit score, if someone is unwilling to provide references that pokes a lot of holes in how pleasant they are to live with.

Compatible Habits

Next comes the living questions. Do they like loud music? Showering at 5 am? Are they messy? These type of questions are vital to making sure that your apartment is a place you feel happy about. Those habits that other roommates have, could make your living space not a peaceful place for you.

Get it in Writing

Be clear about the agreement. Put everything in writing. The responsibilities, rent, rules of the apartment. Get the new roommate on the lease agreement. That way the new person is held accountable if anything goes wrong. It may seem overly cautious but your future self could be super thankful.

Finding a new roommate and apartment can be an exciting time. So let yourself be excited but make sure you are prepared so you don’t have regrets in the future. Need help moving and packing, Mesa Moving is here to help!

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