Moving is always a grand adventure full of excitement and promise. Whether you and your family are starting a new life across the country or moving one town over, the move itself is a big deal. With all the stress and planning of a major relocation, details can get lost in the shuffle. One important detail that you don’t want to forget about is a change of address. Whether you are moving to Denver from within the state, or are new to Colorado altogether, here is everything you need to know about completing a change of address in Denver.

Change of Address for State Residents

If you already live in Colorado, changing your address is fairly simple. All address changes must go through the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. Current residents have three different options for completing an address change:  

  1. Online
  2. By mail
  3. In-person 

Both the mail and in-person methods require you to bring or send form DR2285 and two documents that prove your place of residence. These can be utility bills, bank statements, or mortgage paperwork. Those documents must have a date from within the last year to be valid.

The online method simulates form DR2285 in digital format, and it walks you through all the information that you must submit.

After you complete the address change process, you’re urged to go online and print an address label to attach to the back of your license or ID. The Colorado State DMV does not issue its own labels.

There is no cost to do a change of address in Colorado. You only incur costs if you also need to get a new driver’s license or register a vehicle.   

Change of Address for New Residents

How to Change Your Address When You Move to Denver

A change of address for residents who are new to the state of Colorado is very similar to a change of address for current residents, with only a few key differences. If you are not already established as a Colorado resident, then you must visit the DMV and complete form DR2285 to initiate the change. This process requires the same proof of address as the state procedure.

There is technically no fee to change your address to Colorado. However, if you intend to drive in Colorado, there are costs involved. In order to drive in Denver, you must obtain a Colorado State driver’s license within 30 days of moving to the state, and you must register your vehicle with the state DMV within 90 days. Because of this time frame, change of address, licensing, and registration go hand-in-hand for new residents.

What does it mean to be a resident? There are three criteria that constitute state residency:

  1. Owning a business in Colorado.
  2. Having employment in Colorado.
  3. Residing in the state for at least 90 days in a row.

However, students and military personnel are exempt from having to perform an address change.

Fees for licenses are $28 for a personal license, $15.50 for a commercial license, and $11.50 for non-driver identification cards for residents under 60. Registration fees vary by county, and they can also change based on your vehicle’s weight.

Dealing with the Stress of Moving


Moving is a major life event. An address change in Denver, Colorado, isn’t terribly complicated. But it is a time-sensitive process if you intend to drive in the state. Sometimes, too many of the little things together can have a snowball effect and making settling in hard. So don’t let undue stress ruin the adventure of moving to your new home. Let Mesa Moving and Storage help ease your stress with our professional relocation services. Please contact us today and let us take some of the weight off your shoulders. 

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