If you need to move your business location, the potential disruption to your operation can be significant. As a result, a commercial move can end up costing more than you ever imagined, in lost productivity and downtime.

Overcoming these challenges isn’t impossible, but it requires advanced planning and proactive management of the process. With professional moving help, you can keep the costs and disruption to your productivity at a minimum.

Here’s how.

Commercial moving company logisticsThe True Costs of a Commercial Move

Of course, you must consider the actual cost of hiring a commercial moving company as you budget for your business relocation. You must also figure in the cost of packing materials and any labor you might need to handle packing, unpacking, etc. But you might not realize that these are not the most costly parts of relocating your office or business location.

Operational disruption and downtime are, by far, more costly than any other part of a commercial move. And, the larger your business, the higher these expenses will be. Imagine what one full day of lost productivity could cost your business. Now multiply that by however many days will be required to pack, move and unpack your business.

You may also need to consider other tasks that could further impact your relocation, such as having the old office cleaned after you leave and disposing of any files or items you don’t need to take to the new location. These can further add to the overall cost of a commercial move.

How to Reduce the Cost of Moving Your Business

To minimize the potential losses you face during a move, you need to ensure that you plan, organize and manage the entire process closely.

Some of the most troublesome aspects of a commercial move include the need to relocate sensitive and costly electronic equipment (computers, servers, etc.). If you have sensitive business artifacts such as client records, financial information, etc., you must also consider the logistics of protecting those documents and files.

Experts recommend that you begin planning for the commercial moving process as far in advance as possible – several months in advance if you can. At a minimum, you must develop a detailed moving plan, source the materials and assistance you will need, prepare your staff and other stakeholders for their roles, and schedule everyone involved in the process.

If you aren’t well-versed in logistics, you can see how this process could quickly turn into a nightmare for everyone involved.

Trust a Professional Moving Company to Manage Your Commercial Move

Experienced commercial movers are, in fact, very well-versed in the complexities and logistics of moving your business. They understand all the ways to minimize disruption and downtime, and get you back up and working as quickly as possible.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, our Move Management services are designed to take all the hassle of planning, sourcing, scheduling and coordinating off your shoulders. We work closely with you to create a moving plan well in advance of the actual moving date, and then we take on as much or as little of the process as you prefer. We can handle every aspect of the process with our own in-house resources. From packing and crating to disassembling and re-assembling workstations, we can take care of it all. We even have a team of technology experts who can handle your IT equipment.

Whatever services and support you need for moving your business, call on us to provide the exceptional service and value you deserve.

Mesa Moving and Storage serves commercial clients across the United States. With multiple locations in the Mountain West region, including Idaho, Colorado, Montana and Utah, we are available to manage your move wherever you are – and wherever you’re going. Contact us today to request a personalized price quote or to learn more about our value added Move Management services.