Mesa Moving offers some advise on getting ready for your estimate. Here are helpful tips so you will be prepared. Mesa_getting-ready-for-estimate When a Mesa Residential Sales Estimator starts your in-home estimate, you will be asked several basic questions. This helps the Estimator give you the correct information about the move process, and more specifically, your move. It is helpful to think of how you would answer these questions before the move Estimator knocks at your door.

  1. Have you ever moved with a professional moving company before? Everyone’s experiences are different. Mesa likes to know how your last move went. Is there anything you wish was done differently? If this is your first time using a professional mover, tell us what questions you have and how Mesa can help make this a pleasant transition for you.
  2. Is everything going to your new residence? A move is a perfect time to purge. Maybe you don’t need all those old clothes or toys. Do you really need 3 crock pots? Before the Estimator gets to your home, take a good look around. Look in closets, cabinets and crawlspaces. Have a “keep” pile, a “toss” pile and a “donate” pile. There is no need to pay to move items you no longer want.
  3. Is there anything of extraordinary value? Do you have antiques, pieces of artwork, fragile glass? Will it need additional and professional packing? Is it irreplaceable? If so, you may want to take it with you.
  4. Are all the appliances going? Washers, dryers, and refrigerators need to be serviced prior to a move. The last thing a driver wants to see is water leaking out of your washing machine – over him or your floor. Do you have the bolts to secure your washer drum in place so it doesn’t shift and do damage? If you are unsure about how to properly service your appliances, don’t worry. Mesa knows professionals that can do it for you.
  5. Will you be doing any of the packing, or would you like the professional packers at Mesa to do it? Moving can be expensive. One way to save money is to pack your belongings yourself. It is easy, if you have strong boxes and keep them packed at about 40-50 pounds apiece. There are many helpful videos to show you proper ways to pack. However, if you don’t want to mess with packing, Mesa is happy to do that for you. We can even quote you both ways, with or without packing.
  6. Do you have the original cartons for your flat screen televisions? Technology has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Our televisions have become lighter, flatter and easier to move. That said, they still need to be protected. The best way is to utilize the box that they came in. If you don’t have your original carton, Mesa can supply one for you. Or, you can head down to the local big box hardware store and pick up a carton there. They are inexpensive and come with foam corners to keep it in place.

Helpful Moving Tips

Getting advise and helpful moving tips from the professionals at Mesa, can make the difference between having a good move, and a great move. Open communication is the key. The more information you share with your Estimator, the better prepared we are, and the smoother your move will go. Do you have other questions that we can answer? Send us a message. Mesa Moving is Here to Help!