Are you looking to move to or within Salt Lake City in the near future? You have a number of options for assistance with your move, including professional movers, but you may be wondering how much this will cost. The answer: It depends greatly on your specific needs and related factors.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re proud to assist with home moves as well as commercial moves, locally in and around Salt Lake City, or long-distance coast-to-coast. We offer a comprehensive range of packing and moving services. We’re always happy to provide prospective clients with a no-obligation cost estimate, the sort of thing that should be easy to obtain from any professional mover you’re considering. What are the variables that will impact your cost estimate with most movers? Here are a few to keep in mind.

factors SLC moving costsPacking or Crating Costs

One of the first questions we’ll ask you when you’re looking for a moving estimate: Will you be packing your own belongings, or will you be asking Mesa’s professional packing team to do this for you? As you may have guessed, this will have a pretty significant impact on your eventual costs.

Now, the answer doesn’t have to be purely one or the other here. You might choose to handle your own packing for a variety of smaller and more manageable items, but then to leave larger items for our team. And of course, for certain kinds of packing or handling, such as for fragile items, there might be additional fees.

Stairs or Distances

If the movers helping you will have to travel long walking distances to and from the location, such as if there are multiple staircases, this may usually involve an added cost. In many cases a standard threshold here is around 50 feet of walking distance, though this may vary between companies and situations.

Access Concerns

Down similar lines, if either the current or future property is in a location that limits access for a large truck, whether due to a narrow road, weight concerns or some other risk, this may increase costs as well. Our team might need to use smaller vehicles to gain access, or might need to walk much further.

Storage Fees

One of the single most common reasons for increased costs during a move: Those who don’t have enough space or are moving into a location that’s not fully ready yet, requiring some items to be stored. We’re happy to offer short and long-term storage at a very reasonable cost.

Period of the Year

Finally, some moving companies will even vary their costs based on the time of year. Spring and summer are the most popular times to move, and costs may be slightly higher, plus availability for help may be limited; meanwhile, if you move after September but before May, you might find somewhat lower costs and greater flexibility on move dates.

For more on the factors that will impact your SLC moving costs, or to learn about any of our moving services, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.