Top Mesa Employees Announced

Mesa Moving and Storage is pleased to shine the light on the Quarterly Winners as nominated by their peers. Thanks to everyone who submitted ballots for Mesa Employee of the 4th Quarter 2020! The ballots have been counted…and the winners are in!!!

Mesa Moving Winner

Mesa – Corporate: Elizabeth James

“Elizabeth is highly responsive, and I can always trust that my request for assistance will be done quickly and completely.  She is always willing to help and puts 100% into her work and projects.

Mesa – Boise: Sariah Adams

“Sariah comes to work with a positive attitude and is willing to help out on any job.”

Mesa – Bozeman: Brandon Swarthout

“Brandon has a great work ethic.  He is a team player with a good attitude and is always encouraging others.”

Mesa – Denver: Michelle James

“Michelle holds herself to a high standard to meet deadlines.  She is willing to step up and keeps the best interests of customers, accounts and Mesa in mind.”

Mesa – Grand Junction: Jeffrey Austin

“Jeffrey shows up everything looking to learn new things.  He takes pride in his work and tries to get the job done as efficiently as possible, making our customers feel comfortable and happy with our services.”

Mesa – Helena: Cameron French

“Cameron goes above and beyond his normal duties to always help out co-workers.  He will stay late and clean up the warehouse or come in early because he takes pride in the way it looks.”

Mesa – Salt Lake City: Rocky Migueltorena

“Rocky has taken on other staff members’ caseloads when they transitioned to other departments and her customers continue to praise her efforts and work.  When a co-worker is out, she will graciously cover their desk with a smile.”

Mesa Moving Winner

Mesa – Whitefish: Tracy Osler

“Tracy is a hard worker that remains calm under pressure, always doing the best she can for our customers.  She is always kind, helpful, and looks out for her co-workers.”

These individuals exemplify Mesa’s core purpose of helping others…and we are very appreciative of their daily efforts. Each employee will receive a $100 gift card, along with a Certificate of Recognition, and they will be in the running for our annual Leo the Lion Award!

Other nominees included:

  • Mesa Corporate (Shared Services): Amy Roberts, Brittney Comella, Julie Thompson, Kara Harms, Kari Harmon, Kim Clark, Linda Bandley, Melisa Brown, Steven Davidson
  • Boise: John Weisweaver
  • Bozeman: Cassandra Cooke, David Speer, Erin Headdy, Greg Pierce, Troy Clark, Zach Huth
  • Denver: Jeremy Clemente, John McCormick, Mark Clemente
  • Grand Junction: Emilio Beltran, Greg Chrisman, Kyle Duran
  • Helena: Art Moore, Bobbi Parks, Hunter Townsend, Matt Sauter, Michael Bowers
  • Salt Lake City: Alisha Alexander, Annisa Wileman, Blake Crockett, Brittany Ehasz, Rick Seelig
  • Whitefish: Brady Cobb-Shupert, Christopher Sellman, Dalon Jones, Dontae Javorsky, Josh Schuler, Max Palmer