If you’re considering hiring professional movers for any moving need you may have, one of your first steps in many cases will be obtaining quotes from multiple potential partners. These quotes will contain not only rough price estimates, but also important themes like timing and any special request fees, allowing you to get a full picture of what your costs and the process may look like.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re happy to provide quotes and price estimates to clients for any of our moving services, including both home moves and commercial moves. Not only do we want all our prospective clients to get the very best moving experience and value, we’re supremely confident that after comparing us to our competitors, you’ll realize we’re the ones to provide you with it. What are some of the key elements you should be considering as you compare moving quotes? Here’s a primer.

elements comparing moving quotesWeight, Mileage, Hours

When it comes to determining your rough costs for an upcoming move, the three most important factors to consider are going to be weight, mileage, and labor. The first two factors can be measured via scales or software that calculates the variables in much the same way, while labor costs will vary based on individual workers’ hourly wages and general workload.

Now, different moving companies will proceed with different methods for coming up with their estimates based on these three factors. For the purpose of comparison, it’s best to compare prices that are given as a weight-mileage-hours estimate rather than one based on cubic feet alone. If you’re provided an estimated price in cubic feet, divide this number by 1,728 to get an idea of how much your items will weigh, as that is the number of cubes in a load measuring one foot by one foot by one foot.

Packing and Materials

If you’re asking your moving company to pack items on your behalf, this should be reflected in your moving estimate. Some companies may offer volume discounts if you set up an account with them, while others will include packing fees within their basic price quotes.


Another vital element to look into is a confirmation that the mover in question is fully insured to transport your belongings. This is a very important part of the moving process; if anything were to happen to your items in transit, you’ll want to know the company with which you’re working is current on their insurance.

Additional Services

While many movers will include basic services like packing, transporting, and setting up your items at your new home in their estimated cost, there are other moving services you might want to consider. For example, if you have any items that are difficult to move or need special care in the form of packing supplies or extra manpower, this should be reflected in your quotes.

For more on how to evaluate professional moving quotes, or to learn about any of our moving services, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.

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